Shipping Cost is too extreme

First, yes, I did a search to read up on this topic before posting.

Here is a pull-quote from the May update:

"So we’ve talked through the tradeoffs. We could raise prices, which means we could keep products in stock by paying suppliers more. We could keep prices low, which means we’d regularly run out.

We decided to do both.

We’re going to increase the price of all of our materials significantly, to ensure that we can keep them in stock.

At the same time, we’re going to look for opportunities to buy discounted orders in bulk - and pass the discounts we negotiate on to you.

So you’ll see prices for most things go way up, but we will start having monthly sale prices where we’ll sell selected products at the lowest price we can.

By raising the prices to match our new costs, we can bid more aggressively for the highest grades of lumber, leather, and other products in the now-fiercely competitive markets. Proofgrade will remain the best-possible quality. No compromises or corner cutting (unless you are the one doing the cutting!). You’ll always find your material in stock.

This way, the Proofgrade you know and love will remain the same beautiful, consistent, and convenient material for all of your future prints - and we can offer you the best prices we can find, when we find them."

This ONLY talks about the cost of proofgrad materials, not the fact that shipping is now the insane flat price of $25.

Everytime I go to order PG materials, I feel like I’m getting kicked in the stomach with how much the materials cost AND how much shipping costs. I thought shipping prices were annoying before, but now that’s it is $25 I won’t ever be able to afford that price hike.

Also, to reiterate

“We could raise prices, which means we could keep products in stock by paying suppliers more. We could keep prices low, which means we’d regularly run out. We decided to do both.”

I guess I shouldn’t be surprised. You stated matter-of-factly you’re going to up the price and keep stock low… The “discounts” you’re passing along to us are negated by the shipping cost. Point blank and end of story. I don’t see the advantage in using PG materials when the cost is exorbitant like this. I was going to order 4 pieces of hardwood that is on sale now (because I do not want to pay $11 for a 6x12" scrap piece of wood), it would be $23. SHIPPING COST MORE. I was going to be charged over $50 for 4 small pieces of wood.

How? How can you honestly charge $25 for 4 small pieces of wood and pretend ‘we are making the best choices for you.’?

As it stands, I’ll never buy any Proof Grade material because the costs are not completely reflected in the purchased product. (I was not wow’d enough by the sample pack included with my Pro.) I’ll be venturing into the talks with a local lumber yard and finding masking materials elsewhere for commissions. I could not even begin to present that cost to the client as part of their invoice breakdown.

Please reconsider your shipping policy.

If you lived anywhere other than the US you would be floored:
For example, to Canada:

That works out to $184.73 Canadian.


If it’s more than $99, shipping is free. I try to bundle what i need, especially when it’s on sale!!


Find a local hardwood supplier and go with them - mask as you see fit. I get it, they’re up against the wall with consumables pricing right now, but I also agree that $25 for shipping is insane.

If you can’t find a good hardwood supplier, I have had some decent luck with Home Depot, although quality can be an issue from time to time.


“PureBond” GF-sized sheets are still a great deal despite having gone up in price, but what hasn’t?

Provide your own masking, and you have to pin them down as they’re usually warped.


Becomes free with over $100, which is easier to hit now (hurts to say that but it is true).
As far as the shipping cost, that is not really up to Glowforge. I imagine they charge what it costs.
I buy my wood resources locally and, sorry to say, not many bargains there anymore either.


I buy wood from lots of different suppliers, and the shipping cost is often $15-25.





That’s what it costs to ship a large, heavy box around. By ground. And since most orders from Glowforge will be large, heavy boxes, the shipping fee has to reflect that. Glowforge has the added cost of a third party storing, picking and shipping their orders as they don’t have their own warehouse.

As has been mentioned, they often have free shipping if you spend over $99 as a promotion alongside the sales. I stocked up on acrylic during the last sale and bought enough to pay no shipping fee. That promotion’s still available right now.



That’s reflective of shipping costs everywhere now, I’m afraid.

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I appreciate your feedback, and I will be sure to share this with our team. The shipping rate increase is frustrating, but, to confirm what was mentioned earlier in the forum thread, for orders over $99 you do get free shipping. For orders under that, shipping is a flat fee of $25. There is a flat $10 oversized handling fee (even if you qualify for free shipping) for any order with larger items such as Passthrough-sized materials, a shipping container, crumb tray, and/or filter cartridge.

I understand that shipping rates being higher than usual can be a deterrent to buy Proofgrade. We offer Proofgrade materials because we want to provide you with the highest quality products - woods without knots or voids, pure cast (not extruded) acrylic - that ensure your projects come out perfect every time.

We’re not willing to negotiate on that promise to you, nor let the quality of your own projects diminish, so we’re committed to continuing to source the best quality materials we can find for you.

We understand that price increases are upsetting - we explored every avenue we could to keep your costs down - but we hope you’ll agree that the high quality and ease of use with Proofgrade materials is worth the price.

I’ve passed along your feedback and will make sure it makes it to the right people on the team.

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