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A large batch of emails just went out (not all of them yet). For customers who received the email (and only those customers), their estimated shipping date will be posted on
in just a few minutes. We’ll roll this out to all customers soon.

It’s based on a complicated forecasting model that integrates realtime data from the factory and updates any time the forecast changes. We’ll likely have some big changes at first as we shake out the bugs and fill the model with data, with dates jumping around by large amounts, and then see it settle into a slow trend towards the correct date.

Questions welcome!


You are such a tease. A few minutes…


Thanks for the update! So the shipping date listed will have an additional 4 - 6 week delivery time once shipped? Was hoping for a pre Christmas delivery!


Mime is there. Feb 23.


You guys have just lost this Pre-order customer.
MAY 2018?!?!
Not acceptable.

I will accept no more delays.


Damn. May? When did you order? I thought Feb was bad.


Refund requested. This has just got beyond a joke!

Feel free to join me …


I ordered during pre-order month. 2015-10-21 to be exact.
I don’t consider a PRO to be a pro… without the required Air Filter.
These tools at Glowforge have strung me along long enough.
I have no faith in their product, their schedule, or their long term viability.


Ordered Pro 10/23/15 Estimated ETA 11/24. Not bad at all. My sister recently moved from MI into my office/Glowforge room to escape a bad job situation so I was kind of worried where I’d put it in Oct. she’ll be out on her own again by then I bet. Thanks @dan! Hang in there guys.


What’s your order date if you don’t mind me asking?


Hello… Boss Laser… how soon can you ship?


Just to be clear, I’m OK with the wait. But if I’m understanding the shipping information I just saw correctly, it means that my Glowforge (Basic) will be shipped in January 2018 but the Air Filter won’t be shipped until May. Is that what is happening, that people will get their Glowforges and Air Filters months apart? I don’t think I’ll be able to use the Glowforge until I get the Air Filter, so … I don’t know what the advantage would be for shipping it to me in January (other than to take up space in my office and look pretty). Could we request that we get them at the same time, even if it means waiting longer?


Day 30 10/20/15 Pro order here, and my “Estimated Shipping Notification Date” is October 30 2017. (I did not order the filter.)

Shipping “notification” still means some weeks of delay plus actual transit time, right?

Edited: Sorry, I thought I was Day 30 but I misremembered. I put in my actual order date. I know lots of folks are scrutinizing these numbers.


Yes, when your Glowforge printer is ready, you can postpone delivery until your air filter is ready too.


I was actually just updating that! Ha!


I know I shouldn’t be, but I am just shocked. Do you have no one on your team that has ever done manufacturing? How can you and your team be so horrible at planning and scheduling? I’ve waited two years, so there isn’t a point to leave now, but I am so disappointed. Some other company should do a Glowforge discount and take all of the customers that are willing to leave for a laser they can get shipped today. The only upside to this is maybe, just maybe they’ll get more of the bugs and the software fixed before I get my laser in late December or early January.


Did you have a Pro? I ordered 10/21 and have a December 19th date. Mine is not a Pro.


Up to 6 weeks - usually on the low side.


Dec 15… So much for “all units shipped by October”. I guess after having the units promised and delayed over and over again I should be used to it. I am a mechanical engineer that works in manufacturing, so I can understand some minor delays, but 2 years… Wow. I am worried about the company’s future at this point.


Yep. Pro. Editing original post again. I should really double proofread.