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I realized that and edited. I was going from memory, old reports that I googled, the current upgrade page, and lack of sleep.


The filter was not included in all Basic configurations. There was the Basic and the Basic+filter pricing (and the Pro+filter)

Let the wayback machine handle it:


Yes, in looking at my original purchase receipt, I think the filter was a $500 add on option for the Basic (which is what I originally ordered).


I am dumbfounded. My shipping date for my basic is in now March 2018 and the filter in June 2018. I went from sometime in November to having a full machine to 8 months from now.

Thank you for the transparency for once but what happens when those dates aren’t met. For what the price of the machine is I would figure that production would have ramped up a lot more by now. Especially because all the money is upfront.

I know that everyone will say if you aren’t happy then get a refund. But that’s not the point. I wanted a machine not a waiting and guessing game. I can’t imagine how it was for all the kickstarters that toughed it out for more than 2 years. I applaud you.

I seriously don’t know what to do now.


Ups can’t help me without a tracking number though.


Not sure they could help you WITH the tracking number. They dropped my first one enough to disable it and I was just informed that they apparently mangled the current one sufficiently that they haven’t even bothered to attempt delivery. It’s just going to be reported as damaged and sent back.


If you sign up for UPS MyChoice, they list any packages scheduled to be delivered to your address. You won’t need the tracking number as long as you’re logged into your UPS account.


I don’t know… I think experience and perspective enable a person to have tempered emotional responses rather than simply learning how not to react.

This experience is a good example. I’ve read so many delivery delay emails, that this past one didn’t make me angry at all. I just laughed because I’m now conditioned to the waiting.

This endless cycle of “here you go”… “not yet”…“here you go”… “not yet”, has actually taught me to achieve zen-like levels of patience. :wink: It’s like when you teach a dog how not to eat the treat sitting right on his nose. Sure, he will learn how to do it and understands that being patient means that he’ll eventually get the treat, but you know in his head he’s still thinking, “this is the worst trick ever”.


The discount period should be tracked per-user from the time of delivery.


Totally. All we get is we get credit to spend in their store. What good is that when we don’t have machines to use any of that with.

Really makes you wonder after everything gets shipped how long of life span the machines or even the company has when they can’t even do a proper estimate of when their initial products are made.


Since there’s a lot of questions about why dates are what they are, I thought I’d post a screenshot I took the day before I ordered. I ordered a pro in the US on October 14, 2015. I know I took more as time went on but I must have deleted them. This is just to show the $ raised as of that screenshot on 10/13/15. There were obviously a lot ordered in the last week so hopefully this helps to make sense of the timing and differences even a day makes.

My order status right now says 10/23/17 for shipping and 4/20/18 for the filter.

I’m impatient so I get why everyone is upset. I’d be pissed if I had to wait 6 more months (I don’t think that’s a strong enough word if I’m being honest). With that, I think people also need to understand the logistics of just shipping them in the order they were placed. It doesn’t make sense for the factory to keep flipping back and forth, or for shipping internationally. They have to be efficient with the assembly line. And they need to be able to do things legally, as each country is different. I do think they should have had these certifications in the works but that doesn’t seem fully possible if the machine wasn’t done.


Thanks for the reply. I emailed support last night, will wait for a response. No update on the account page ( though the account page is totally blank, and this probably has something to do with it.) I was assured back in August via email that I was on the list, and that it would be corrected. I just have not followed up on it until now.


The banner changed! Day 15 Basic orders and Day 10 Pro orders.


I didn’t seriously expect that would be the case, but to be bluntly honest – at the rate the shipping date keeps sliding, it my turn out to be a better deal for you rather than the materials, the designs, the Inventables, and the $20/month credit.

_ D


After all this time and waiting it makes me wonder if Glowforge shouldn’t have offered a Pro when they couldn’t even get a basic machine produced within a reasonable timeframe. They should also just close down the online ordering until they are actually ready.


Yes - we’ll spend an immense amount of additional money on extras because of the delay.


For those who want to experience this with a smile (kind of).


How about a percentage discount on the machines. Including the ones that have already shipped. Getting credit at your store is pretty useless considering people, like myself, have been basing paid projects on your bad delivery information. Now that I know I have to wait another 8 months for my machine that costs me a lot of more lost income. Getting some supplies and vectors from your store in June will never replace that.


@Dan, your banner says Pro day 10 and I have no email for a Pro day 7. Getting ahead of yourself or mistake?

(Update) email finally arrived


So actually the answer to the question is “No, no we don’t plan on doing anything additional for those people that still won’t have have their glowforge by the most recent promised deadline” given that the question is what additional recompense would those of us still being left hanging get. 60 dollars more in store credit is not doing anything additional… it keeping your promise from the last failed deadline… Not addressing this most recent failure.

This reminds me of things i teach my son (who is now 11 and won’t be getting the custom made card box / holder that he asked for for his birthday which is in 7 weeks and I told him that i should easily be able to make that since the glowforge is finally coming. Thanks for that Dan, now not only are you and your company a liars, but I am as well)… Anyway it reminds me of things I taught my son, and one of them would be that his apologies are worthless if he turns around and does the same thing again… and so that if he is going to apologize for things he does that are wrong then he should damn well not do those things again.