Shipping date on

Ship it to a mailbox store in Blaine. Get it faster. Pick it up there.

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Yeah, I can’t find it right now but that’s about all we’ve heard so far. I’m really hoping for a lot more news about filter development progress in the November and December updates!

For what its worth as another data point, US order of Basic unit on 10/23/2015. Estimated shipping notification date of 01/26/2018

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Did not get a reply from support today via email, and my estimate is not on my account page. I guess I will wait until next week and hopefully hear something.

Mate, got a link for that?


I didn’t hear anything - guess I still have an hour or so, but figure I won’t hear anything for a couple of days now.

That’s precisely my point. We all experience emotion. Your response to disappointment is through your experiences and how you’ve conditioned yourself to respond. There is nothing wrong with anger. I believe it’s wicked unhealthy to deny anger rather than accept it and deal with it. Some reactions to emotion are beneficial, some are unacceptable.

Unfortunately I’ve made a financial bet. When I learned of the glowforge I was just starting a small business. I was actively looking for a tool and had no experience with crowd funding. To me, I was convinced I was preordering a finished product. My cash was to help with the initial first run manufacturing costs. I was seduced by the promise of the machines capabilities, I still am. I didn’t know there was a significant amount of development still required to have the machine meet its promises, let alone the design of the manufacture process. A pretty substantial amount of my company’s operating budget went into the investment of this tool. I’ve been without the cash and the tool and I’m struggling. Badly. I’m angry. I’ve slept on the news and I’m feeling far less malicious than I did when I first read the email. Had I known I was looking at two years of struggle I would have taken my order and bought an inferior machine and got on with my business.

I took a big risk and it bit me. I’m as angry with myself as I am with glowforge.


How many units have been made?
How much risk is there I’m going to lose my money?
Can you see how your dishonesty is actually hurting some of your customers?

I get that lasers are smoke and mirrors, but your business model shouldn’t be.

I realize that is sensitive. If you want we can discuss this in private and I’ll sign an NDA.

Random thought popped in my head today:

Some of us will get our Glowforge around the same time other people’s will be going out of warranty.


I apologize if my original posted made it sound like Basics should take priority over Pro. I should have said Pre-orders should take priority over orders placed after the campaign. I do stand by my comment about feeling like International Basic orders taking a lower priority.


Even the fanboy that I am I have to agree that if :glowforge: is going to do international then you guys should get fair priority. I think that like most startups they have been blindsided on a lot of things, international shipping being one.


Just looked at the email.
I’m really happy that the wait is finally over (for me).
Will cancel or hand-over the order.
(I already lost enough many euro/usd)

I am sorry, I hope you can find a local alternative that works for you. I believe there is a European alternative facebook group that just started to try to find other local options.
Good luck. :frowning:

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The feeling that I got upon reading the email, (like Clark W. Griswold getting a subscription to the jelly of the month club for the second year running) has kinda passed.

It arrives when it arrives. I’m done getting my hopes up.

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The other day I was thinking about how the wait has already been longer than the new extended warranty. Even for those that got the first production units.


Yes. Or closer in. The line could easily run 10% faster or slower than forecast, which would move dates by a month. (And we built some margin in there, so even if everything just goes as planned it would slowly slide in).

Clearly not 10% faster. My “estimated notification date” has come and gone and I did not receive notification.


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Yup I have an estimated ship date of Oct 13th, yet no email has gone out. I am a day 15 basic pre order, and according to the banner they are on day 15, but I’ve yet to get an email.

I’m in the same boat. But I am not surprised.

So they are already late by at least a day one day on.

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Just a head’s up…There are going to be a few bugs to work out at first. It’s a new program. Always happens. :neutral_face:

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