Shipping delays?

I was just asking them in the chat with automated answers. I saw how people in the FB groups were getting theirs early, like by a month. It would be nice if they did keep you updated on shipping .
I should get mine by the 7th of January. I ordered on the 13th of December.
I tagged Glowforge on Twitter too, but nothing…
@danshapiro #glowforge

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That’s about right 3 to 4 weeks from the payment to delivery…

The web site shows about a 3 1/2 weeks delivery time…


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You are very welcome…


Ordered a pro on Dec 9 2020. Estimated delivery today 30 DEC 2020 not to hopeful on it showing up. Never got email with tracking tried to contact in chat ahead of time about tracking but that was all computerized and it just took my email info (Which there was no response). Kind of crazy to pay over $7000 for equipment and be left in dark on actual shipping date and tracking. After looking at forums come to find out this is a standard problem.

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Shipping delays and the lack of information/tracking has been a chronic complaint. I hope that your machine arrives soon and that you love it.

Received the email last night that the unit has shipped! Happy New Year


Just an FYI to anyone still reading this thread. My shipping estimate was Jan 11th (Pro ordered mid-December) and it has been delayed twice (according to glowforge support). New estimated ship date is Feb. 22nd. If you add 7 days shipping, that is 50 days behind the estimated receipt date.

I am not very confident in Glowforge right now since they gave me a date twice and missed it twice. I am considering buying a different laser and cancelling this order.

I can tell you that supply chains around the world have been disrupted by this pandemic. the west coast of the US has thousands upon thousands of containers sitting on ships that are waiting to be unloaded. if the parts for your new GF are in one of them you have a wait I’m afraid. and GF’s manufacturer cannot do dink about it.

that doesn’t make it any less frustrating for you to be sure. I waited a long time for mine and it was well worth it.

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If you dont mind, how many days in advance did gf tell you that you were getting a delay? If your first estimated date was Jan 11th, what date did you get the email stating the delay? Thanks.

Received this from GF this morning…

Because of extremely high shipping volume this season, our carriers (FedEx and UPS) are sometimes delaying packages in transit. Your order has successfully shipped, and any carrier delays will be noted in your tracking info.

FedEx and UPS have delayed three of my shipments in the last week from my other suppliers that was supposed to be 2 day shipping…

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I feel your pain. for the last 3+ weeks i have had a foil pan to catch the leak from my dishwasher. Oh replace that gasket one might say? Ya well the @#$%#$$#%^ thing still has NOT arrived from the manufacturer. The distributor has pushed back the delivery 3 times so far :frowning:

I am just glad we can at least still use it.


If you dont mind, what date did you order, what date was yours supposed to arrive, and do you have Basic, Plus or Pro coming?

Sorry, the message was not the printer itself is a for material I ordered last week. I put it out here just to let all know that the shipping delay is the shippers issue and not GF. Once the shipper picks up the printer you are at their mercy and GF has no control it once t leaves the manufacturer…

I just got a lawnmower blade nut & locking plate that I ordered back in May when I started mowing the lawn :grin:

I haven’t mowed since Oct. Getting it in January left me looking at the piece trying to remember what the thing was for :stuck_out_tongue:


They never told me there was a delay. When Jan 11th had passed with no shipping notification I emailed them. All their responses have been the same. Something along the lines of “We’re so sorry you don’t have the AMAZING glowforge yet, but it’s going to be here real soon and will be worth the wait!”

I am debating cancelling the order and shelling out another arm and a leg for an epilog. Just not sure if I will use this enough to justify the price.

OH man I bet that did throw you for a loop.

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They should share that on there website prior to taking our money

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I am not sure what your post is discussing. In general, it is best to start your own thread to insure that your issue will be addressed.