Shipping issues to Canada

I sent my first email on Thursday and haven’t received a reply so I’m hoping to be a squeaky wheel and maybe get a reply started here (my apologies CS for making cross reference email and forum).

My glowforge is set to arrive tomorrow (nov 23) yay!! But.
Each of the packages were created as a separate shipment, but the package manifest included with each box is identical. So it appears I have 2 glowforge units being delivered and therefore have to pay customs/duty on 2 units.
Even though UPS notes that each box has a different weight and the agent I spoke to realises that the manifests are incorrect, glowforge has to be the one to adjust the shipping details.

Really hoping to get this sorted out by tomorrow so I can accept the shipment! I included the order number and shipping information in my emails.

I know all the CS people work really hard and have a lot to deal with, so I’m trying to patient but it’s been since Thursday.

Thanks! :heart:

Unfortunately, they don’t officially work weekends and even worse, the company that actually assembles and ships the machines (and therefore handles the shipping) is separate, and almost certainly will not be alerted to this today.

There have been quite a few shipping snafu’s lately, hope they can get you sorted out.

Posting here is no different to sending an email, both create a ticket that goes into a queue which is worked by support staff. They aren’t sitting there browsing the forum waiting for new posts.

Thanks for the reply and some extra nuggets of info! Disheartening for sure, but at least I have a better understanding.

I figured nobody sits and waits for new posts, but I’m just trying to exhaust all my options!

Thanks for your patience. I apologize for the wait! I’ve just followed up to your email with us. Since we are working on it there, I’m going to close this thread. Please feel free to start a new topic if you have any other questions.