Shipping laser units until next year?

According to a local business article in the Seattle times, all units will be shipping until early next year?

Is this correct?

There will be a small run for some of the local people and maker spaces, but most of us won’t start seeing units until the middle of next year.

I guess I missed the * after the word December.

Summer is the absolute worst case.
It all depends on how well the first units perform they said. If there are bugs etc it will be later, but if they go without a hitch will ship much sooner.

Uhmmm…that better NOT be the case.

This particular topic has been beaten into the ground. They have it clearly stated in several parts of the site and @dan has not been shy to say what the plan is in interviews (and here on the community site).

Ugh… what? I was thinking when they said they would roll out units and December that I would get mine around January at the latest. If its much past January I might have to just cancel I seriously cant wait that long I have work for this thing to do…

Ya there is no way you will be getting one by January, unless you run a maker space or school in the Seattle area.

I do wish the main site had been more clear to keep folks from misunderstanding. The order page does have smallish lawyer print that says: “You are pre-ordering a product that has not yet been manufactured. We’ve tried to accurately describe it, but we may make changes before it’s delivered.” The only place shipping dates were described was in the FAQ under “When will my Glowforge ship?” which states first units in December and rollout of the rest over the next few quarters. External site videos, interviews and reviews had that information upfront.

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If you were one of the first to order it might be a possibility… but if you ordered later in the month it sounds like youll be waiting a few months…

Dan said they had a solid plan to ensure all units were shipped before August of next year. Lots of details here: $8 mil to date, roughly 3,000 units sold


I have operated several laser systems and countless software programs that make them run since the early 90’s (Epilog and Universal) when the technology was still in it’s infancy (compact commercial use). I appreciate the transparency, attention detail, (high voltage wires, etc… this is a major issue, believe me) and the “hate me because it’s late and not because it does not work” attitude of GlowForge.

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Yeah…August of NEXT year? So they are going to tie up our cash for THAT long? When the pre-order stated December 2015 ship date…I dunno how I feel about all of this. Starting to sound more like a bait and switch.

They said the first shipments will be in December and the rest will follow

Understand how you could feel that way but don’t want to leave the impression that there has been any change in delivery status. “…ship the first units in December 2015 and roll out the rest of the units over the next few quarters as production ramps up.” Those words or a paraphrase of the same thing are the only suggestions we have ever heard from GF. Not in anyway dismissing your disappointment. Wouldn’t be surprised with future changes but everything so far has been consistent as far as I can find.

I have to say I was pretty… surprised when I read it was coming as late as August. But, they seem to be pretty free with handing out refunds, so if that’s not to your liking, you can always go buy something else.

People need to stop speculating. Dan said that would be the worst case scenario if really bad things happen during manufacture. Or if the initial recipients of the units find major defects.

I’m happy to give them the time to test the designs and dial them in so I can hit the ground running.

That said, I’m half-seriously considering getting myself hypnotized so I forget I ordered it and can just be surprised when it shows up. =P


I am going to be using the time to do some cleaning up so that I have a place to put it when it shows up. If it arrived today, I would not be prepared :smile:

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I don’t care if its out December 2016. Just don’t send them till you get it right. This could be the start of amazing things that we can make in our homes. Get it right the first time.

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