Shipping link is not working?

Last week, was so psyched that I received the long waited (ordered 4 years ago, (international shipping)) magic email to tell me that my Glowforge is ready to be shipped, great right… just need to update my shipping address since I moved from the old place and boom get this thing going. Well not so fast once I got to the confirm your address webpage the “next” button or box has no link attached to it (pic attached) tried to reach to the support team but no luck… any one had a similar problem ?, just want this thing delivered it has been a long and exhausting wait.

Chat is open right now if you want to get a faster response


Hey man, all I can say is I salute your patience, and that it will be worth it.
All of the angst from the long wait disappears with the first push of the button…
Soon come*
*Typical Caribbean island resort response to “Where’s my luggage?”

no one responded till it was pushed to some kind of a “missed chat” support email w request number.

:rofl: hopeful the rest of this trip will be worth the wait

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I’m so sorry our online form is giving you trouble. I see you already emailed us about this and we’re working on it there, so I’m going to close this topic.