Shipping nope not yet 😀

Ok only four days from email and wham pushes out another week. It is just not in the cards this month strong text


I know how you feel, that happen with two days left then bamm two more days. But good think was by Friday @ 5:pm estimated time the email came.

I know the feeling, my date just got bumped a week from Jan 26 yesterday to Feb 2nd…

I saw that happen on mine then the day before it jump back to the next day.

Mine jumps a week at a time. 3rd jump back

This is the third time, Was Jan 3rd until Christmas and then moved to 1/26 for two weeks then 1/23 for two days then back to 1/26 and now Feb…

Seeing similar for the month… just went out by a week again when it was within 5 days.

They are on day 30 units from 10/24/2015. The unit I ordered was ordered about 10 months after on 08/10/2016.

They still have US orders between 10/25/2015 and 8/10/2016 (~10 months) to get thru before mine, yet claimed 5 days…

My new notification date is the 26th (10 days), so to reach that they will have to be completing one months of orders per day everyday until then…

Mine was 08/11/16. We are in the same boat.

Thought this was only me. I am so frustrated by this. It was December, then end of December then January 3, then the 8th and then the 16th for a bit. Today is officially the 17th and my date slipped to the 23rd. I think I’ll always be playing catch up to this, like a bunny chasing a carrot on a stick.

I can definitely relate. I thought of the donkey pulling the cart chasing the carrot on the stick.

this is where a little pessimism will come in handy… keep your expectations low, expect the worst, and you will never get disappointed! :wink:

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It seemed like it was really booking along for a while and while people are clearly continuing to receive their units, those who haven’t are reporting a lot of dates being pushed back.

This is possibly that “last day before the crowdfunding ends spike in orders” soaking up all the production. I hope it’s that, rather than a global shortage of pew tubes or intensifier disks.


If you check the dictionary under pessimist I believe my picture is there. Lol

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Don’t think so, someone competent in logistics would include those orders in delivery estimates. And don’t believe an unanticipated sudden shortage explains the delays either because 1. Dan said last week that there hasn’t been anything major to report, 2. the dates have been continuously moving out (not suddenly moving out).

Also, unless they sold very few units after the initial campaign, I don’t think it makes much sense to have estimates in the 5-10 day range when they have 10 months of orders to complete.

IMO, dates probably moving out for the same reason they have always have.

This maybe a dumb question… why have they not increased production capacity to meet the growing needs… unless they are intentionally delaying shipping to meet development progress.


Keep the faith, the Glowforge is real. I patiently waited and waited and watched grass grow for a couple of years. I asked myself was the Glowforge real like Santa Claus or the Easter bunny? Last week after years of waiting I received 3 magic boxes and to my delight ]my Glowforge finally arrived. When you get your Glowforge, you’ll be excited to print what I call the $2k Glowforge ruler.


Costs money and increases risk…sometimes doesn’t make sense or possible for temporary high demand from preorders. For example, you spend many millions on tooling.

I think it’s real, just the dates don’t seem to be.

But after the $2,000 ruler, everything else is free :wink:

My first 3D printer was the same thing - the first thing I did was a knob for the lid of my wife’s crockpot. A $2,500 knob for a $50 crockpot :smile:


My time finally came up on Jan. 1st and I summited my address for shipping. Now I’m waiting on pins and needles for it to come. They say it can be up to 6 weeks to arrive. I don’t go anywhere after 3pm so I don’t miss out on the UPS truck to come. This will make my kids hate me but I don’t care. After over 2 yrs of waiting they can now wait. :slight_smile: