Shipping proof grade material



Can proofgrade materials be shipped to an FPO address? I am in the Navy and will be negotiating for orders soon, and there is a chance that I may end up overseas. Just curious if this is possible.


That’s what enlisted called a “Wish list”. You could check one of three boxes, no negotiating. :no_mouth:

I would be surprised if it couldn’t. Thank you for your service.:+1:


I would inquire with, they should be able to answer your question.


Is not a deal breaker by all means. I have a planar and table saw so I can make wood that I buy locally what ever dimensions I want but would be nice to have their proofgrade material as well.


Don’t you guys have drones that can handle this? I mean it’s a GlowForge for goodness sake! SecNav would totally understand… There must be some drone that can land at @Dan’s secret lair (I am sure the satellites have picked up the skull shaped island off the olympic peninsula) and fly them to you? Alternatively some sub can transport it from Bremerton…


@bangert78: Hey Shipmate, I’m glad you asked this question. I didn’t even think to ask and I’m up for orders myself soon. It would make things so much easier if they would ship to APO/FPO addresses. @Dan, I’d really like to know the answer to this as well.


Not a final answer, but while you wait I wanted to point out that it is hopeful: They are shipping internationally. People who won’t ship to APO/FPO typically are people who don’t ship international. APO/FPO ought to be between CONUS and International for difficulty/hassle level.


♫ O-ho the Glow Forge Rocket, is a-comin’ down the street,
Oh please let it be for me!♫


God Bless you & thank you for your service!


I’m not sure - I believe we can ship Proofgrade to anywhere we can sell a Glowforge unit, though.

Thank you for your service to our country!


So this either totally reassured him or now he’s totally out of luck…


Here is a bit of Information

All packages must be 70 lbs. or less
Packages cannot exceed 130 in. combined length and girth.
You cannot send any item restricted by the United States Postal Service.
You cannot send perishable foods.
You cannot send any items that are restricted by the unit’s host country. To see a full list of restricted items:
Remove any batteries from battery-powered items. Wrap them securely and place them with the item.
There are a small number of military destinations with further restrictions. To learn more:

I’ll wager an arrested landing would trigger all of the shock sensors! :grimacing:


It certainly did mine! LMAO picturing a GF being delivered via CODS (start at the ~6 min mark):


Detour Warning:rolling_eyes:
Watch that Naval Aviator dance with the yoke - and that’s in fair weather.

I got to ride a CAT shot off of Enterprise aboard the old C-1A. The passenger seats face backwards, and it’s not a seat belt - it’s a harness. The guy comes back and pointing at what would be the seat belt warning light on a commercial aircraft (except this one said Catapult) and says "When you see that light come on, grab the harness straps on your chest and lean forward as far as you can."
For just under 3 seconds it felt like my eyes were bugging out like in a cartoon!


That aviator was calm as #### . Just utterly impressive.

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