Shipping Saddness

I purchased my glowforge as a newlywed. My husband supported my desire to make this purchase even though it was a majority of our savings at the time. I made that purchase over two years ago and have been patient and hopeful, never doubting that I would get my glowforge and never doubting that I would love it.

In the email to confirm my address, it stated that someone would need to be present to sign for the glowforge. Made sense to me. This morning I receive an email from UPS (I’d already been signed up with MyChoice) which states I have a package being delivered today. I thought, “No way! It’s only been a week since I confirmed my address! I didn’t get any notification from the company that I should be expecting the glowforge yet.” But I haven’t purchased anything else that would be delivered so I knew where it was coming from.

I had to work today and was panicked because I didn’t want my glowforge to be delivered the the UPS pickup spot instead of my apartment. I took a half day (hard to do from a small family owned business) and had my sister come over before her college class until I could swap with her. Right as I got home the package was delivered. It was the proofgrade materials, and nothing else. While this is still something to be excited about, I feel a pit in my stomach because I’ve already been crying “glowforge” for two years letting my loved ones and co-workers know that “no really it’s coming” all while staying patient and hopeful. This time I actually thought it was going to be today, because I hadn’t received any shipping communication about the package, I automatically assumed it was the glowforge, which of course is my error. But without the communication, of course I wanted to assume it was the package that I’ve been dreaming about for 2 years and finally thought it was arriving.

What you’ve done with the updated shipping confirmation dates in the user accounts was really great. Couldn’t there also be a list of the packages that are going to be sent after the address has been confirmed? That way we know how to plan?

Thank you for all that you have done. This is just the first time I’ve actually felt really let down. I really am very excited for my glowforge.

As I recall, MyChoice shows you the weight of the package(s) being delivered. You’re looking for the one that’s ~72 lbs if I remember correctly.


tom is right, but that said, GF (and their fulfillment) could do a much better job of email notices when the PG, the accessories, and the GF itself are shipped. almost everyone else seems to be able to send you a notice with what is being shipped and what the tracking number is.

and, fwiw, modulus, who ships the regular proofgrade stuff you buy to you, is able to do that when you order it online. just not when they ship the free stuff that comes with your GF. not sure why that is.


Ya the weight thing does make sense. But I was running on adrenaline, since I hadn’t been expecting anything, since I hadn’t been notified. I truly understand it’s a huge undertaking to create and ship such a great product, but I don’t think that means that basic communication from the company to the consumers should be overlooked.

Normally I don’t even share these kinds of things, but I’ve been so excited! It was a really confusing day.


i totally agree. it’s frustrating and GF could definitely handle it much better.


:crazy_face: We understand! All of us who hung onto our hopes have had the same elation when shipping happens. Too bad you didn’t spend more time with us here over the long wait, it’s been a great mutual support group and a huge source of inspiration.
it won’t be long now Jessica, your wait is almost over. :sunglasses:


not to sound mean when i say this (and i may be wrong anyway) but. a majority of the people here know to expect 3 packages. Proof-grade>Crumb Tray>GF. and about the family either doubting or find it hard to believe. mine ate there words. as long as you love it and believe that this is a great product and believe the unboxings on YT and here, you should not be worried.

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i’m guessing the majority of GF purchasers are not regular contributors/readers here. so most probably don’t know all the details about shipping that we all found out from others as they received their packages (many w/o much notification).


The Glowforge is totally worth every setback, delay, what have you. You will love it!!!


I’m so sorry to hear that our email with tracking information for your Proofgrade materials never made it @jessica . It’s on us to alert you that your shipments are on their way and we let you down.

We will send you another email with tracking information as soon as your Glowforge is ready to ship. The tracking number will be a master tracking number for the final two boxes, your Glowforge and the accessory kit. When you receive the tracking number, you’ll be able to schedule a delivery through UPS MyChoice.

Be sure that you schedule the delivery for both packages! For details about each package, select the triangle next to “Packages in this Shipment (Total Packages: 2)” at the bottom of the UPS tracking page.

The email containing your Proofgrade materials’ tracking information also contained your $50 Inventables code. Please reach out to so we can make sure we get you your code right away!

Thank you for posting this here, we’re so excited to get you your Glowforge and appreciate your incredible patience this far.