Shipping time

When will I receive notification my GlowForge has shipped. I spent a lot of money and it has been 3 weeks. I have not heard anything from You.

Buying directly from GF sometimes takes a bit. While you’re waiting, I recommend getting UPS and FedEx alerts. Sometimes you’ll be notified by these shipping companies before GlowForge even notifies you! A little inelegant but worth it.


They are not all stacked in a warehouse somewhere, and everything is slowed by the pandemic, those who bought early waited as long as 3 years. For myself it was "only"6 mo when it was promised in 3 months. Your wait will be nothing like that but matching production to sales is harder than it was a year ago.

While waiting I got Inkscape that I had never seen before and learned to use it, as I was already experienced with Gimp, but both would be a really good way to start that you can do from the first moment, unless you are already familiar with other software that can produce to the need.


Hi @edm206 I checked your order and I’ve verified that it is on schedule. It looks like you have a delivery date of August 5, 2020. You will receive tracking information shortly before delivery. Feel free to send us an email if you have any other questions on your order.