Shipping update bar


Anyone know how I get the shipping update bar on top of the page back? It got closed somehow. Tried logging out and clearing cache, it shows up when I am not logged in, but once I login it disappears.


I think the only way is for @dan to un-banner it and then make it a banner again. Discourse remembers you have dismissed it in its database but there is no way to make it forget.


Ewww :frowning:


Here’s a link: The latest on shipping (new: we’re now shipping)


Funny, It is back for me this morning.


Page refresh just brought it back for me as well.


The universe loves to prove me wrong. This is why I don’t bet.


Maybe it comes back as “New” when they change the date they are on. It just changed to “Day 9” today.


No I think maybe Dan did what I suggested above, which was what @discourse suggested.

Glowforge's Definition of Shipping

Indeed - rebannerated.


Thanks Dan.


Thanks @dan