Shop Down? 500 Error

I’ve been trying to order Proofgrade today and keep getting a 500 Error when I try to place my order from the cart screen.

Working fine for me!

That’s great! :slight_smile:

I have tried from multiple browsers with no luck.

Cleared cache. Tried Chrome and Safari. Tried incognito mode. All result in 500 error when trying to place an order.

@timtsuga - were you able to actually place an order just now, or were you just navigating the site? Everything on the site is working for me except that it errors out when placing an order.

I put some items in my basket to see if I could get that far, but did not hit the order button! So, maybe I did not go that last step to find the problem!

Everything worked up to the point of actually ordering the items in the basket! Hope I did not confuse you!

Check your credit card on file. I think expired ones in your account have caused that issue in the past.

I will do that. Hopefully they wouldn’t display such a generic useless error for something like that. Sigh.

Nope. Card is fine. So that’s not the issue. :frowning:

Bummer. Looks like another undocumented error then.

I’ve gotten the 500 error in the past and eventually it started working again. I guess it’s just a wait-and-see kind of day.

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I just tried to order some stuff and when I hit the place order button I got a “something went wrong” error :frowning:

Going to have to wait to see if any acknowledgement comes through because I don’t want duplicates and I’ve got another order I’m going to need to place for materials to make a couple hundred 3-D shadow boxes for a submariners reunion that I want to keep separate.

UPDATE: Just tried again (6 hours later) and it is still down.

I’m sorry for the trouble. I’m researching and will let you know when I learn more.


Thank you, @Rita! You’re the best!

@Rita Any update? I just tried again with the same result. I need to get some supplies on the way today. Should I look elsewhere?


Just tried making a purchase from my phone. Still getting 500 error.

@Rita Anything you can do to help me? I would really really like to order some Proofgrade today to fulfill orders I have waiting.

I sent you an email - would you have a look there please?

Sure! Haven’t gotten anything yet, but as soon as I do, I’ll reply. Thanks! (Replying to this post from my email, btw…)