Shop for international buyers

Latest post about this are from 2018, so I’d thought I’d try a new query.

What is the status of the shop for international customers?
Why is it taking so long?
Why aren’t you rolling out in stages?
Why can’t you at least let us select stuff from the credit we got? (which was a compensation for delays… remember?)

I understand that not every question can be answered, but pleeeease, don’t answer with the same CS BS
"We’re sorry for your frustration.
Our team is working very hard.
We’ll let you know when it’s available"
I don’t want to hear that, I want to know why it’s taking so long and what steps have been taken and what you are working on now.

3-4 years now? And still nothing, your team is not working that hard to fix this…


Yes this is a major pain for all of us who don’t live in the US of A. I am not a happy camper about this issue either. I, like every one outside the US, thought we would be able to use this money when we finally received our lasers after a very, very long wait. What’s up folks? Do we get to use it or do we get a refund? You offered it and we want it! It’s only fair to either refund us or make your products available.


Regretfully, I don’t have more information for you today – we’ll continue to make updates here as we make progress internationally: International Shipping Latest

I do want to make sure that you saw this Latest Improvement, too, as we took a big step towards the international shop with this roll-out in July: