Shop towels tested for face mask filters - Suay Sew Shop

Here’s another source of information on filter material and face mask design. It appears some brands of blue shop towels are a good filter medium. Face mask design pattern is supposed to be released next week.
Business Insider article

Here’s the link to the Suay Sew Shop design pattern and instructions.
Suay Sew Shop Design

A no-sew desing using shop towels (works for other materials too):
No-sew Mask Using Shop Towels


Another unobtanium material. If you’ve got some in the garage you’re okay but you’re not likely to find any of the hydro poly blue shop towels anywhere online. Just a hint of utility in stopping covid and the raiders swoop in to stock up. Hopefully they’ll use them making masks for folks.

Yeah, I only found one place locally that has them, and they are low on stock.

I’ve got two fresh rolls of those blue towels. I’ll keep an eye on this.

Harbor Freight carries one of the blue towel brands they mention.

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Good point that not every brand is equal.

Here is a no-sew mask design using shop towels. The description section has info on tested effectiveness.
No-Sew shop towel mask

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