Shop Upgrades!

Got a sweet deal on some shelving units at Lowes yesterday, so I just reorganized. So glad I did! (theyre on sale through the 5th of march!)

Ye olde shoppe laser corner:

Ye neuer shoppe laser corner:


Wow I bet that feels nice! Good find


Looks much more functional for you.

There would be more storage if the “blue box” was relegated to the cold garage :smiling_imp:


That set up looks SO much better and organized. You look like you’ve got quite the selection of woods, acrylics, and cutting boards(?) to choose from. Are the rolled tubes more material for lasering?

Wait a sec…is that carpet a piece of the Mariott from Dragon Con?!! That is REALLY cool!


Hah! (My office is looking more and more like your “Before” pic.) Nice job! :smile:


Yeah, I have a few full hides of different weight leather on the right side there. One is a full latigo hide though, so no lasering! haha

It is! I have a few of them in the house. I heard they were cutting them out, so we drove down to the hotel and bribed the workers to cut us out a few full circles. Its the most amazing carpet ever! So awesome that you recognized it! Are you going this year?!


That was the first day I had the glowforge. I had a stack of wood 2ft tall on top of the K40! It was not working well… lol


Wish I was, I performed there two years ago. Would love to go back, but we tend to be performing at a local Renaissance Fair at the same time.

We wanted to try and get some pieces, but 1. we were too far away and 2. purchasing them after they’ve been cut out was REALLY expensive.

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I didnt think I was going to get one, so I ended up having a couple printed up from a rug company! They are rubber backed and still pretty cool looking. Then we lucked out and got a few pieces. We were going to sell them, but I like them too much to sell. We have them in every room hahaha

You can see one of the ones I had made beside the bigger piece we got:


I’m assuming that you are familiar with the hoopla about the rug? Specifically the cosplayers that dressed in “Marriott carpet camo” that got the cease and desist letter from the designers of the rug design?

Here is the current “response” from them about selling the design.

You can obtain a VERY similar pattern to do with as you please.


hahaha yeah that whole thing is hilarious. People still wear it every year. This past year there was a carpet section in the parade where everyone was wearing carpet, carrying carpet, or both. A few people had their cars wrapped in the pattern!

Harrison(volpin) was quite angered by the whole ordeal. It was just meant to be a joke but has now blown up into legend status! I used a modified version of that file to make the rugs I had printed up.

The demand for that carpet was so high, I had spoken with Couristan at one point to license the pattern for resale. The VP of Couristan was so confused as to why anyone would want to buy it, he assumed it was some kind of scam and kept trying to get me to tell him what my ‘real’ motives were before he would consider licensing it to me. It unfortunately never ended up going anywhere because he didnt believe that people just loved it for what it was. So crazy!


What an improvement something as simple as shelves can make!


Hey, I just put up 5 of those in my garage 3 weeks ago. I like them…granted they are all full of moving boxes I still have yet to unpack.


Nice, needed piece of organization there! Gives you usage of all that vertical cubic footage.


Nice score, made a heck of a difference!

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Are theses the 72" H x 48" W x 24" D Edsal shelves on sale for $69.98? Just asking the information on the shelving in case anyone else is in need of that type of shelving too.


That they are!


Nice. I do that every once in a long while. Then the clutter elves mess it all up again within a couple of weeks. I hope yours stays well organized longer than my cleanups do.

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Me too! haha. I had so many materials to use, I was stacking them on top of the sloped front of the k40. They almost fell over so many times… Now at least I dont have to deal with that!


Those are nearly the exact same ones that I got at Costco for $59.99, but the costco ones have black shelves. I have three sets so far, and I might go back and grab two more.