Shopping folr Medium Maple Hardwood (Finished)


Does anybody know if Medium Maple Hardwood (Finished) is available in 12" x 20" size? I cant seem to find it in the shop. All i see is 6x12 size.


Just the plywood is 12x20". Hardwood 6x12" at this time. I would be surprised to see hardwood go larger in the shop. It’s unusual to find thin wood that large.


they could do longer, though. it’s the width that’s unusual. i have plenty of 3/4/5 x 24 sheets, which is what most vendors sell.


They ones you sell are “proofgrade”?


the other wood i have is NOT proofgrade. it came from other wood vendors.

#6 has 12" x 24" maple hardwood sheets (and I think will cut it down to 20" if requested). It isn’t pre-finished, however.


Thanks @rpegg, that’s correct.

@tshahoomian, thanks for asking! I’ve made a note to the team about your request.

If you have any other questions, please post a new topic.

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