Should I laser it

Hi Glowforge Experts,

I have an Intel nuc mini computer. It has a plastic lid that comes off about 6x6 that I want to engrave with my name. I can’t find any identifying material info on it except a recycle triangle and a “2”, but not near the triangle I chatted with Intel tech support and the only thing they were able to find is that it is plastic, but not what kind.

I tried to find an sds sheet but could not locate one.

My guess is that it is not a dangerous plastic, PVC, because I’m pretty sure computer cases are not made out of PVC. I look into what laptops are made of.

My question is should I try to engrave it? And is so what settings should I use?


No. :slight_smile:

And who knows?


Not just because you don’t know what it is, but because the one guy that I remember commenting did it, did not get good results. (tagging @jamesdhatch)

And you really don’t want to mess up your computer. :slightly_smiling_face:

If you want to decorate it, you might want to just cut a veneer cover for it. That can be engraved or cut, and it sticks on with very stout adhesive.


Thanks for the heads up. The lid comes off, so the computer is not in jeopardy It’s separate and costs less than $4 to replace.

The veneer idea is not something I considered.

Yeah, I didn’t want to do anything permanent to my iPhone, so I did a veneer inlay for the leather cover. It’s held up for well over a year now.

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would it be possible to cut an acrylic version of the lid?


This is what I’m working with


Yep you remember correctly :slight_smile: It doesn’t take much power before it’s digging the engrave deep and the edges of the lettering I did were brown and slaggy. If I were to do it again I’d start with something like 5.

What’s funny is I found that very Intel PC in the trunk of my car just a couple of weeks ago. Still don’t know what I’ll ever use it for but it was a cool thing at the time I got it :blush:

I second what @Jules said. I did my iPad a year ago, and it’s still just as beautiful as it was on day one. :slight_smile:


Recycle code 2 is HDPE. Not the laseriest of materials. You can search the forum if you like but as I recall it’s melty.


Cool! I had never seen that. Maybe my laptop needs a swanky veneer.

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maybe cut a hole in the lid, and glue an engraved acrylic “window” in place?

It worked.
Unknown Material
Thickness: 1.75mm
Speed: 1000
Power: 20

I did the under side before doing the top. In case it didn’t work. This is a picture of the under side. The square in the top right was my first test to make sure I didn’t melt it

I thought the contrast would get lost and considered doing a vinyl. But the under side test worked so did the public facing side.