Show-and-Tell Weeding w/ Gorilla Tape

For those who are like me and seeing something is priceless, this is what folks mean when they say weeding the masking with Gorilla Tape is so much easier

Can you imagine how long it would take to weed a puzzle with a complicated design on it? Would you have guessed under 3 minutes?


You’re right about that!

I like that puzzle.

I find a squeegee to really press down the gorilla tape (gaffer’s tape also works quite well) helps greatly.

I use the squeegee that I got for my vinyl cutting adventures.

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I realized after weeding that I had to colour the backside (I used a highlighter) because those corner pieces were indistinguishable front-to-back! Whoops. At least I figured that out before I gave it to my sister :stuck_out_tongue:

I can see a squeegee being helpful - but it’s nice that it works with just fingers :slight_smile:
Gaff tape is too expensive for me to use for this. I save that for times that no residue after being left on for a long time is important!

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