Show me your draftboard please!

Hey guys, So I’ve been making stuff non-stop it seems, but the most material I have is draft board, 20 sheets of it… and I have no idea what to make out of it that would look cool. I need some ideas from you good folks lol. Can you please post any and all of your draft board creation pictures here to help me and anyone else in this dilemma?

P.S. - I seen someone tell me making boxes with them is great but how do you hold it together to hold the weight in the box for draft board? Glue? Nails? Screws? The only idea I have to make out of them is like a 6 pack bottle holder but don’t want the weight of the drinks to break the bottom out so need to know what you all recommend.

Thank you for any and all pics and helpful hits. :grin:

I have used it for anything that needs to be painted. Stuff where a nice wood grain would be a waste or too expensive… Will try to post some pictures when I get home. I use glue, a CA for quick hold or a clear gorilla glue if an instant bond isn’t needed.


When you need the most strength, don’t rely on fingers to hold the bottom in, instead extend the sides of your box down and make captive slots for the bottom fingers to slot into.

Here’s an example:

Alnother option would be to double it up, like here:


Like rpegg said, when you want to paint it. I usually take off the masking, quickly sand it with 220 grit and then remask. Note that the burnt edges don’t take paint well at all, so accept it or remove the char. Also, the burnt edges are considerably darker so the paint over them will generally be darker. Here are some gift tags:
I don’t have any pics of the gift boxes I made.

And of course how else do you organize and hold your glitter glue?
So, practical stuff is the other big thing for draft board. Speaking of which, you can scroll through this thread:


I like what I’m seeing so far, starting to get ideas flowing any more from others are welcome too. :grin: lol

You can also do this…

That’s the beauty of a searchable forum! :slight_smile:

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Finally figured out what I wanted to make…
Made this as my first draft board project:

Going to post more pics and details on new post so everyone can see and doesn’t get buried thanks for the ideas everyone.