Show us your Black Friday material scores

Well, “show”. Tell is fine too.

I hit tandy leather and got a raw veg tan side (super deal), then scored a more finished veg tan that is really supple to the touch (decent deal). I also saw that the javelina hide was on sale for $50 off, I’ve been eyeing that for ages, so I went for it. I also grabbed green leather waterstain, slowly building up a collection of colors. The highlight is definitely that javelina, it’s so interesting, check it:

It’s probably chrome tanned, so I’ll be extra careful with ventilation, but it’s pretty thin so I bet it’ll cut nicely.

Then I went next door to Woodcraft (literally next door, this strip mall is laser heaven) and snagged a really nice piece of 1/8" curly maple.

Whatcha got?


staying in this black friday, and trying not to spend money. Instead, I’m working on art.


Me too, some leather for lasermade xmas gifts, it’s an investment :slight_smile:
Pretty sure I’ll come out ahead compared to traditional bought gifts. I got plans, see. And now I also got a little extra leather for other stuff, which isn’t the worst. :wink:

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I’m still working from a previous leather purchase from Tandy, and I get their regular promotional emails.

Hope they got rid of the smell and all of the fleas for ya :wink:

(They smell rank and you can literally watch the fleas jumping off of a dead one) :slight_smile:


They taste even ranker. (Is that a word?)


Me too, but I don’t let that stop me, apparently. :slight_smile:

Turns out I’m starting to run low on natural cow, but I will worry about that later. I have enough for what I want to do now.

The natural cow is a really good deal.

Way cheaper than what I’ve found that compares. I got a 17 square foot side for 30 bucks.


ok, that I need to get.

I went and visited patients in adult foster homes. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Didn’t feel too bad about not being in the long lines of cars I passed at the mall exits, though!


I did a Proofgrade order last weekend. Picked up this clamping station at Menards yesterday.

The parking was outside the lot … all shopping carts were in use. Checkout lines went to the back of the store and then half way across the back. Was difficult to get anywhere due to multiple checkout lines blocking aisles.

Wasn’t sure I needed it … but, for the price … thought I’d give it a go!



Not material, but I had to do it…“What’s the Vector, Victor?.”

I plan to use this little guy as an oven timer, since I seem to have a problem with paying attention to cooking now. :smile:


I have a Cosmo Too much fun, my dogs don’t like him though.

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Now that’s something I hadn’t even considered…the kitty effect. Might be entertaining! :smile:

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Well my only Black Friday purchase was another tool to remove large areas of wood… (I bought it local, and upgraded the bar to the 24" bar). It went to work at the barn to get a large tree out of one of the paddocks. WAAAAY faster than the Glowforge!


Kerf is probably I little bit bigger too.


Husqvarna is the chainsaw of kings. 10/10, Evansd2 approved.


I had planned to buy nothing, but then a little light came on, so I ended up buying 13 gallons of 87 octane. No Black Friday deals at the 76 station.


Not gonna lie, I did buy some stuff yesterday. None of it laserable though. Except… no, nothing.