Show us your Black Friday material scores

don’t forget to enroll him in baby goat yoga.

Very nice, we have many on island. Think stewed sadly, but I don’t know what breeds.

He needs yoga (a bit round in the middle)

i feel his pain.

Double leash walking in the woods at the barn is pretty comical… we did a mile today.


Hope you got a pair of chaps too!!!

If not, I will message you some stories that will terrify you enough to get a pair, cheaper than hospital bills or funerals.

I am all about kevlar. I also wear steel toed boots, helmet with integral steel mesh faceshield and hearing protection, and gloves with ballistic inserts. For my son he got the new chaps that wrap around the back to provide full protection. I just have the regular husqvarna chaps.

Oh, I should add this is my second chainsaw (I just needed a more powerful and longer bar as the trees are so big on the trails at the barn)


The goats don’t look that aggressive… :innocent:


Don’t mess with Rocky, he will take out your calves! Those little horns are sharp! and this breed they don’t really curl.


First time I read it, I missed the clarification that you bought a vector for your wife. It ALMOST fits perfectly if you had gotten her that goat, up until it responded to you, which kind of makes it even funnier! :laughing:

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Good news on all the protection you use!!! I figured that was the case because you are even wearing a protective mask in your icon photo!!!

don’t be silly that’s because he is a bank robber, not a safety conscious fellow :slight_smile:

though when I am chainsawing I only use steel toed boats. perhaps I should become a bank robber too?


Well, I was robbing a bank at the time…


A better pic of Butterscotch. Note the Glowforged anodized tag.

Note: getting a goat to pose for a portrait is extremely difficult. Getting 2 is almost impossible.


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