Show your appreciation! (From Averly at Glowforge)

Hi there!

Did you know the first week of May is teacher appreciation week?

I surely didn’t until my mom, a kindergarten teacher, reminded me (and now I’m here to remind you! :slight_smile: ). Not sure if it was a hint, but I took it as one…

I went straight to our Catalog to see what sorts of designs would work well for her classroom. There were so many to choose from, but I stuck with my strength of simple designs. One day I’ll try to design something more intricate (would you be interested in seeing that??).

Anyway, I chose to print a simple door hanger to start. Classrooms always need to stand out a little bit so kids can remember where to go, right? I’m working on printing a bundle of things for her, and would love to hear some of your ideas!

What have you printed to show your appreciation for someone who has taught you something? Whether or not you have an educator in your life, there’s surely someone who’s taught you a thing or two. Post a photo of your fun projects and the most liked post by 5/6 will win a $50 gift certificate!

Also, Dan has already mentioned this in his last update, but I figured this is a good place to give a nudge over to the Glowforge Educator Ambassador program! If you have any educators in your life who you feel would be a good fit, the applications are open till the end of the month.

As always, if you’d like the team to tag you, please include your Instagram and/or Twitter username in your submission. If you’d prefer we don’t share the amazing things you’ve posted here, that’s ok too! Just add “opt-out” at the bottom of your response and we won’t share your submission or information on our social media.

I’m looking forward to seeing what you share!



One thing all of my teacher friends have in common is a shortage of pencils!

I’ve engraved pencils with their names (which reduces the number of pencils that randomly disappear) and a funny or inspiring slogan on each.

The pencils are packaged in a personalized box engraved with the teacher’s name.

It’s a fairly quick and easy project, and always well received!


Ah yes, a classic. I love the addition of the pencil case!


We did rulers for a couple of my granddaughter’s teachers, with her handwritten message engraved on the back. For the ruler source and full-sized photos, see my original post about them. :slight_smile:



I made personalized pencil keychains for all the teachers at a local elementary school.


So far I made a ruler for my Boys’ teacher from one child. The other is still deciding what to make.


My son has always wanted to make something for his favorite teacher so we designed and made this together. She cherished this and was left in tears of joy.


What a thoughtful gift. I can see why she was touched when you gave it to her.


This is one that I’ve made a few of. It is a sign for a teacher’s room. This one was for a friend who is a teacher.


Engraved things are a hit with my husband, too. As a hospitalist he’s all over the hospital -walking 3-5 miles a day- and leaving things at various nursing stations, etc. With his name on them he frequently gets them back. I had been working on a way to put his name on his reading glasses - but now that he’s had the cataract surgery he doesn’t need them.


We have had a program in our area (Parents as Teachers) where a teacher visits your home and interacts with your child and gives you activities to help them learn. Kind of a pre-pre-school.

Both our daughters have had the same parent-teacher visit, and this year will be her last to visit us. Today is her final visit.

So, as a “Thank you!” to her my wife wanted me to make something for her. She came across several ideas on google and showed me what she wanted. This is what I created:

I had my daughters sign their names on a piece of paper (the five year old needed a lot of help) and I engraved their writing to the back of the apple.

The apple is :proofgrade: cherry and the puzzle piece is :proofgrade: walnut.


Hi there! So far I’ve made car charms for rear view mirror or they can also be door hangers.


These are all so wonderful! I showed this thread to my mom and she was floored by how creative and thoughtful these gifts are.

With the most likes, @Doppler , you are the winner! Thanks so much for sharing your special twist on a print! Please look out for a DM from me with your gift card.