Showing off...jussst a little!

This afternoon a friend stopped by to visit. I told him I had gotten my laser and I showed him a couple of acrylic things I had made. He said “maybe you can make one of these for me”?..and pulls out of his pocket a small rectangle of acrylic that had been broken in half and glued many times over. It was from something belonging to the directer of the senior center and he had been trying to keep it repaired. He said “I just can’t get the glue to keep it together, anymore”. (I don’t remember what he said the piece went to…something to do with a business card holder, I think). I measured the broken one and came in to my computer, made the 3.5"x1.75" rectangle, uploaded it and called our friend to come in and push the glowing button. Amazing! Then, I proceeded to make a personalized back up one for him. He was very impressed…as well he should have been. Immediate gratification is just the best! And me? was such an incredibly simple thing to do and I was having great fun showing off.


What a great story! I love that you could share the joy. :slight_smile:


Wonderful, I love it!

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Fantastic! What a fun project and nice thing to do for another person. Sweet!

Looks like some seemingly irreplaceable things might not be so irreplaceable anymore.



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Lookin’ so good! :relaxed::+1:

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I bet it felt great, on so many levels, to be able to do that!

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Great share! The versitility and speed of these machines is so gratifying. Quickest tool for artistic expression I ever touched.


That’s what I’m slowly discovering, too, Rebecca. Every day brings with it more exciting ideas and results.


It’s always so fun to be able to make something so easily that normally someone would have to special order. I also enjoy hiding tiny funny engraves inside other intricate things friends have me make for them to see if they ever notice them. :smiling_imp:


Yeah man, when you have a blade with a width that’s measured in thousandths it’s easy to be sneaky. So much fun to see all our friends indulging in their dream of this machine as they trickle out. :grin: