Sign done just in time

SO if you recall my “Poor Life Choices Sign” post from the other day, the impetus for getting the sign deployed was we had new babies coming yesterday!!! Yay. We went with 2 girls this time (maybe they can balance some of the insanity from the boys?). They are 7 weeks old (like the boys, Nigerian Dwarf Goats)

Anyway we picked Oreo and Caramel yesterday, and they are now living with Rocky and Butterscotch.

Unfortunately after getting them home one of my wife’s vet-school classmates pinged her and told her they were weaned way too early, and at 7 weeks, he noted that they would be markedly malnourished (they can eat solid food, but can’t digest it well) if we kept them weaned, so we would have to bottle feed them (ugh). So I went and got Goat formula (it’s a thing - and a very expensive thing) and goat baby bottles (also a thing) and mixed up a half gallon of formula (haven’t done that in 20 years, since my son was a baby) and went to bottle feed them. Well yeah, not so much. So unlike Josh’s formula (one of the special elemental ones due to allergies - essentially TPN by mouth - vile stuff) this stuff smelled like vanilla cake mix. They took one whiff and one quick suckle and were all “nope, you drink it”. We tried it on the boys (who would probably eat asphalt if you gave it to them), and they turned up their noses too. They’re going to get one more attempt this morning, with plan B is me going to Whole Foods and getting a half-gallon of organic whole goat’s milk.

Oh and if you are wondering why the baby bottle is an Aquafina bottle, it’s because tractor supply only had one bottle, but the sales person had kid/lamb nipples that screw onto a standard soda bottle. The only other baby bottles they had were calf, and they are a full 2L bottle with a nipple the size of a large pickle. Weirdly on kid nipples the formula comes out the side not the tip.

But in a moment of family love, my horse (Luna) came over to visit the goats this morning. I’m thinking she is a mom of 2 foals, so came over with new babies. She normally is somewhat aloof with the boys.

Anyway, thought some Saturday morning cheer would be good. I did find a weird GlowForge thing I will post about elsewhere when I lasered the babies’ dog-tags (goat-tags?)


I always like seeing your pictures of your goats. :blush:


Oreo and Caramel are adorable. I hope you get their dietary needs figured out.


Love the new family members! Adorable!


Sweet! Good luck with the bottle feeding. I hope you don’t have to keep it up too long.

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And nice sign, too.

I really want to come visit some day. We were trying to figure out something for our 30th, I’m thinking baby goats might be the ticket :slight_smile:

They are so adorable! Too bad on them being weaned too early, though.

You will often hear statistics that oilfield worker is the most dangerous profession. But in reality it is goat photographer. To get this shot, I got pooped on, gored, sat on and beaten with hooves. Because goats are terrible at reading humans (like can we all face one direction?). The biggest challenge is they associate removing things from the pocket with food, so you cellphone looks like the world’s biggest meadow-mint to them…


Those little guys are soooo cute. A little poop never Hurt anyone. :blush:

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This is hilarious…National Geographic hasn’t got anything on you in the amazing photograph catagory.

They are darling.


It may bot have been worth it for you - but you made us all smile and go ohhhhhhhh…

Wait I thought I signed on to Glow forge not goat forge Wait is that a thing that should be a thing I would definitely sign up for goat forge more baby goat pictures please they’re so cute


In my case this slogan makes sense, but given this is from the grocery, why is that a useful slogan? I said screw the formula and went with real whole milk. The seem to like it slightly more.


That is some weird marketing.

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