Sign for my wife's office


My wife really liked the sign I made as a gift for a friend so she asked me to make a double sided pub style sign for her team at work. I am really happy with the way it came out. Once again I took advantage of the masking to make my paint work look a lot cleaner than it would be otherwise. For me the hardest part of this was making the vines interact with the main body they way they do. Making a line cut one place and score the other turned out to be a lot harder than I expected and took several hours.

Weekly Highlights for the Week Ending April 1st, 2017

That’s incredible!

I’ve had that challenge too - breaking up lines between cutting & engraving in a single piece makes my brain hurt a little.

Weekly Highlights for the Week Ending April 1st, 2017

Well done @Kallisti
Really like the style, and I know your struggle with line work like you mentioned. Hurts my brain just like @dan says.


What program are you using? I guess I’m spoiled with CorelDraw…it handles stuff like that very easily…


Those came out fantastic!!Any pictures ofthe work right out of the machine (before painting?)… or during?


The same with Illustrator.


Fantastic looking signs! :sunglasses: :+1:
(You might have found your niche!)


You are really good at that!
The mirror of the vine is great. :sunglasses:


Displaying the signs pointing 2 different directions for beer hurts my head :slight_smile:


All directions lead to beer.

Weekly Highlights for the Week Ending April 1st, 2017

Point taken. Cheers!


Inkscape or Illustrator.


Sadly, no. I didn’t take any progress photos of this one. Sorry.


That looks great!

Are those two halves of a single sign that will be glued back-to-back?


Yes. I need to fabricate a middle layer for the hanging hardware to attach to still though.


Fantastic sign. It also answers the old question of what’s cooler than being cool.
Alright alright alright alright!



This guy knows what’s up.