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Made this sign for the library area in my local makerspace. 11"x14" background piece from Hobby Lobby (dirt cheap!) and embellishments using thick :proofgrade: draftboard. Thick draftboard rocks, BTW! Surprisingly fast and easy to create this. Script text painted with Rustoleum Hammered Dark Bronze spray paint. Backboard finished with danish oil followed by a coat of matte clear acrylic spray.


Wow that looks sharp! Great details in what you all used, thanks!


Awesome! (Love the little bulb too…it’s so cute and fat!) :smile:


Professional sign artists may be very, very afraid. Unless they too have a laser.

Very nice job!


This is one of those icons that in the near future won’t mean anything intrinsically to the viewer as incandescent bulbs are phased out and it’s only due to its use in these contexts that it will mean “idea”.

It’s like the diskette icon used for the “save” function in programs - most people have not seen a diskette so only know that the square thing with lines means “save”.

Heck, most people under 20 haven’t seen a telephone handset like is used (even on a smartphone) as the icon for a phone call :slightly_smiling_face:


How many people know where the term “clicker” for remote controls comes from? Or why movies are called “flicks.”

Now I have to go drop a dime on someone…


I know I know!!!

I even used one of those “clickers” in the past.

We had a TV with an actual clicker and rattling keys would set it off sometimes. Until we figured that out we always wondered why the TV was on when we got home.


Oh man that would have been creepy.

I really like the look of the draftboard, and the hammered paint together. That is a nice touch!

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Depends on whether or not these Edison bulbs are a fad or not.

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The number of people who know they’re Edison bulbs (or recognize the statement) is already vanishingly small :grinning:

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Tell you how I’m going to make my second fortune…I bought up boxes and boxes of the old incandescents…I plan to sell them to future crafters down the road for little terrariums and whatnot.

(After using them to provide light inexpensively of course. Got enough for about 40 years. Waste not, want not.) :smile:


I’m buying 100W ones because we’re all gonna get old and the LEDs that say they’re just as bright are lying :blush:

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I think that’s what they are marketed as. I didn’t know that was what they were being called until I overheard someone not old enough to remember a landline using the term. When I first saw one I thought, well isn’t that inefficient and annoying. How many Victorian renovations and Steampunk cosplayers will buy them?? Stupid me. Now, whether or not they know who Edison was…

The incandescents we grew up with are all Edison bulbs. The new “Edison bulbs” are just a special case of marketing for the ones that look old and as you noted steampunk & Victorian. They’re not fundamentally different than the ones available 4 for $2 at the Dollar Store because they don’t match the current govt requirement for energy efficiency.

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Just ran across this blurb elsewhere (emphasis mine)…

Antique LED Filament Bulbs
The antique look and warm glow of vintage reproduction incandescent bulbs now comes in energy-efficient LED Edison, Victorian, globe, chandelier, and tubular bulbs. Popular for restaurants, lobbies, coffee shops, or even old diners, antique LEDs have made a huge resurgence in the last few decades.

I’m pretty sure an “antique LED” would be more along the lines of…


LMAO. Talk about marketing taking liberties. (And people take issue with GF for redefining words. :yum:)

I keep hearing about Eddy’s son. He must have been really bright.


The Cree 100 watt equivalent cool white bulbs are really nice. I find that they live up to the billing. I haven’t tried the warm white Crees as the places I wanted the extra light I also wanted the bright white. All my other bulbs are either RGB or adjustable white, just not of the 100 watt variety.

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