Silhouette Studio Dotted Lines

I am using silhouette studio and it is difficult to use. All my SVG exports are in dotted lines.

Someone please help

If you mean in the GFUI, that is how paths are depicted by default until you select a material.

… at least, it used to be. I just checked and doesn’t seem to be the case now.

Can you share the file (upload here?)

That’s what Silhouette Studio does when you try to export designs from their design store, because you’re only supposed to use them in their software. It’s rudimentary copy protection.


I don’t know Silhouette, but for a while after they changed the display options, paths in SVG files showed up as dashed lines even from Inkscape - until material was selected. Did they change that recently?

Don’t know when they changed it. But they document it on their support page that will be the outcome.

I have found sometimes if you edit some of the points of the design that it becomes different enough that it will save as solid lines.

Not sure how much as I was already changing the design when I did it before. But I know as some point it becomes an original and will export.

Here was an example from February. Hard to see with the low contrast (they were regular solid paths represented as dashed lines)


No big deal but just curious why they made it that way then changed it back.

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