Silicone: Lunch Box Items

I have a friend who would like me to engrave a name on some silicone lunch box materials. Snack bags, etc. It’s thin silicone. Does any one have any advice and setting ideas to try? Thank you so much!

Hey, welcome to the forum! We love new people around here.

As for your silicone question, there have been a lot of silicone posts over the years, the search box in the upper right lets you go digging through the archive:

Tons of ideas, tips, and inspiration here.

You can refine the search a bit too, see if anyone posted settings. This is looking for “silicone engrave settings” but only in the first post in a thread, not in the replies:

That kind of filter can really help improve your search results.

Since you’re new here, you might also like this post:

Anyway, good luck, and I hope you find time to come back and post pictures of what you’re up to, it’s great to see new creative energy here. :slight_smile:


I have done a fair amount of cutting silicone as well as engraving on wristbands. How thick is the material you’re doing? (BTW, it’s really dirty so plan on cleaning your machine as part of any production process.)


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