Simple gift ideas?

Hello! I have a son with autism and he has so many wonderful people that help him, and I want to make something personal but simple for them for Christmas. It would have to be for about 12 people. Has anyone made something on their glowforge for therapists, teachers etc? Just looking for ideas :slight_smile:

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Coasters! Check out for graphics you can use for free.


As Martha said, coasters. Also keychains, luggage tags. engraved aluminum flashlight, personalized pencil cup. I have had good luck with these flashlights: /


Engrave inspiring quotes on pencils ;p Most people use them at least some of the time, this website is great to find some apropos quotes. One I just used : “The fool wonders, the wise man asks.” Used for a classroom example ;p


Thank you for the great ideas!

I’m amused at the idea of the quote once the pencil has been used a while: "The fool wonders, ". :slight_smile:


Or use some of these:

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