Simple ornaments

My wife teaches piano and wanted something to give away to get students for Christmas. She came up with this design. My first attempt at painting anything. Was a multi step process: spray paint a sheet of mdf black, attach a sheet of transfer paper, engrave, spray paint gold, remove paper. Turned out pretty good and kids loved them. I was worried about the gold paint bleeding under the transfer paper, but it worked fine. She then added a piece of gold string. Cheers!


Very nice!

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Great design that they won’t find anywhere else!

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Very unique design. Looks great.

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My wife has me do her piano student gifts as well.

I might borrow your design for next year. Great job!

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love your design… Ive been trying to create an engagement ring with the name a date of an upcoming engagement… Im having trouble saving it correctly to print to GF… i have it saved but not correctly. can you help.

I’m happy to try. Will need more info. Not sure what you mean by not having it saved correctly.

Very nice! Simple but elegant. My sister-in-law is a piano teacher. I think she’d like something like this.

These are great! I’m sure her students were thrilled!