Simple Rose Inlay

Hey All, I realize this is super last minute and maybe even very basic but I wanted to add an acrylic rose inlayed into wood. My drawing skills are not much but I think I have figured out a good kerf adjustment for the medium proofgrade materials I was using. I used the black cut line for the entire rose on the medium ply, then I used the red and green cut lines for the flower parts. The parts flip back into the wood cut out upside down. was a snug fit for me but might need further adjustments depending on your materials etc… the second image below is the .svg. The rose measures 5.3"x1.7".

rose parts inlay


That’s lovely and very detailed for only being 5 parts to inlay!
Thanks for sharing


Thanks so much! Yes, wanted it simple to put together :slight_smile:

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Very nice indeed–thanks!


Thank you for the write up and file. It is timely and pretty.


Nice share! Thank you!

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Very nice - has a stained glass feel to it!