Simple Xmas tree ornaments in 3d


Here is the svg for a simple christmas tree ornament I just made a ton of. I took our name off, and added two path lines where you could add your name, or modify as you want. I have been doing the etched side with the star in clear, and then the cut out only side in transparent acrylic. It was a simpel thing my wife wanted, and we are really happy with how they have turned out. You may need to adjust the slots for your material, but you will not need glue, they snap together really nicely. You may have to spread the cut on slightly, but the little notches really lock it in.

SVG: (25.3 KB)


Thanks for sharing! What thickness acrylic is that?

I always make ornaments for family. These are lovely, so I may use them if I don’ get a chance to design my own.


The acrylic I used is 118mil, so just under 1/8 inch. In metric language, this is 3mm which is pretty commonly available. This is pretty easy to customize how you want it!


Thank you! Very kind of you to share, and these are pretty cool, with the two colors.


Thanks! I do have some 1/8 acrylic. :slight_smile:


Thank you so much for sharing! My daughter just asked me yesterday to start an annual tradition of making ornaments for her. This is perfect!!


What a lovely ornament! Thank you so much for sharing!


Very pretty design! Love the two-tone effect! :grinning:


Here is the svg with the slot opened for 125mil.

TreeSlot_Share (25.4 KB)


wow, these are so pretty, thanks for sharing, this is very kind of you!


You are welcome. We thought they were fun!


Very nice, thanks for the files.


Very Beautiful. Thank You for the share.


Thank you for the file. Your results are very nice.


Ooo this is a great idea for a teacher’s/ therapist gift, thank you!


Well, I did a quick customization on the file (I wasn’t sure what font Merry Christmas was in, so I redid the entire design on that piece with a font I had), printed on PG acrylic and the pieces are too loose. I’m wondering if the sizing was thrown off on Affinity Designer (I find fonts so much easier to work with there than in Inkscape). Going to have to play around with it when I get the time.

All that said, it’s a really pretty and versatile design, so I appreciate you sharing. I like the combo of the etching and cutting and I’ve been thinking of fun cut-out ideas to customize for different families and people.


Oh, its BrushScript MT, and you will have wither 118mil or 125mil in the slot, but may need to adjust slightly depending on the supplier. It took a few cuts to get the fit I wanted. Happy you are customizing them!


This is an awesome file. Thanks for sharing!


I am so happy you made one!


It’s actually my first slotted piece. The kerf on the acrylic and wood differed so I had to play with the files but it was well worth it