Single stroke numbers

I recently found myself needing to label a bunch of parts, hershey text is great for this but is a bunch of fiddly work to get things to line up.

So I setup different number groups, so like “22” is a single group and not just two “2” paths.


Maybe you will find it useful.

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Awesome, thanks!

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Handy - thanks!

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Thank you!

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Ooh, I have needed this very thing but did without it because I couldn’t figure out how to get the Hershey fonts to load. Thank you!

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Thanks! Sure this will come in handy sometime…

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I put mine in circles. It made them easier for me to grab.


I guess if I was industrious, I would use a different color to turn them off for scoring. Or maybe use a triangle to indicate direction for 6 or 9.


Thank you. I have gotten the hershey text extension to work, but this will be very helpful.

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Yeah it’s possible to use the hershey tool to make 89 groups, but that’s really annoying.

I actually used a linux command called seq to make a sequence of numbers, then pasted that into hershey as one long string, e.g. …“81 82 83”…

After that I broke is apart, and regrouped it by the actual numbers. It was a little bit of fiddly work, but easier than using hershey 89 times. I realized that it’s the kind of thing that is very easy to repurpose, so I saved it to a separate file, and now here we are.


Thanks. I will definitely hang onto this for future use.

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Timesaver. Thanks!