Siser Brick 600 Kiss Cut on GF

So this is my first post, though I have owned my GF Pro since 2019.

I have recently been experimenting with laser-friendly “vinyl” (aka. polyethylene PE aka. “Laser-Safe” vinyl) materials determining whether my 40W GF Pro can do as good (or better/faster) job than what I can cut-out with say a plotting machine (Cricut, Silhouette, Graphtec, etc.). Having not seeing anyone in this forum tackle Brick 600 material, thought I’d throw my results and findings out there for feedback.

Recently I decided I liked the look folks were getting on shirts and hats from using Siser’s (brand) Brick 600 Heat transfer Vinyl (again, product made primarily from polyethylene or PE).I have included a screen shot from Siser’s website noting they consider it “Laser Safe”, though clearly NOT a certified GF material.

So getting right to it, my best results came from using the following settings:

40W GF Pro
Speed: 490
Power: 75

These settings seem to provide more than enough power to cut through the working material, but not enough to cut through the transfer film underneath the working material. This makes for easier time weeding. See example before and after weeding:

Additionally, I have not seen this material become discolored on the edges from the laser. so I have not found masking to be necessary (also, masking may interfere with the heat-activated adhesive material (dull colored side) that needs to be upward facing when cutting. Also, you’ll want to consider mirroring (flipping) your design (as applicable) before cutting as with most heat transfer vinyl projects. Most of the designs appearing in my sample photos are uni-directional.

Here are a few pics of some hats I did for my son (lover of classic cartoons and video games like his old man). For those looking to apply Brick 600 to hats like this I recommend doing a quick YT search for “Brick 600 Hat press”. there are at least two or three great vids on this topic.

Brick 600 was applied to the hats in the photos below using a Hotronics 360 IQ Hat Heat Press. This is an amazing heat press really, but to apply Brick 600 you do NOT need to use the heated lower-platen feature of the 360 IQ (standard heat presses with upper heat only will work just fine).

Thanks for your time and let me know if you have any questions.


It’s neat to be able to do it on the GF, especially if you don’t have a knife-based machine… but after extensive testing with a variety of Siser materials, my conclusion was that my Graphtec cutting plotter did a better job, faster, every time. Was this your conclusion as well, or did you find a case where the GF was a better choice?


Pro models are 45 watts.

Also, since you’re using power = 100 or less, it should be the same for all GF models. The Full power setting is the only one that is different.


I’ve had a Cricut BT for many years before the GF, it’s just the appropriate tool for the job.

I don’t sell anything, so like the GF it’s just another tool in my workshop, but I used it just last week to make a decal for a car. I mostly cut Carbon-Fiber effect vinyl, as it is subtle on tinted car windows.


Great info, thanks. I have a drag knife cutter but it’s always great to have laser options.

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I’ll have to give this a try. I stopped using brick because it gummed up the auto blade on my Silhouette every time I used it. I could never get a clean cut on regular vinyl after using the auto blade on brick.

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I have done reverse engraves on Siser Easy-Weed. The process is slooooooow but clean.

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Thanks for taking the time to share your experience with this product. I am sure it will be helpful to many other users.


Thanks for the info, these turned out great, very sharp. Appreciate the settings.

Have not tried to do the reverse engrave, but that got me thinking. Thanks.

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Oh, the Graphtec is the way to go if you have one for sure. My situation has the Graphtec is perfect for bigger cuts/jobs, but if I just need to do a one-off, or a prototype for someone (or a quick job for my kid) I was looking for a way to take the vector file I already had and just toss it in the laser and go (minimal setup, and I can take small “chunks” of material rather than working with sheets and rolls). Hoping to add another tool to the tool box. No worries.


It would be awesome if you could share settings. I have piles of that stuff.

From long, long ago: Siser Easyweed HTV Engrave Settings


@dklgood beat me to it. I had also found a video online but I don’t remember where.

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I have a different blade for every type of material. I swap them out when using different materials. You could dedicate a blade to only brick.

Multiple blade holders set to common materials is the way to go!