Sisyphus Calendar SVG

Here is the file for the calendar.



Photos posted here…

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Cool, cool, cool! :sunglasses::+1:

Okay it’s late and I don’t have my glasses on I read at first it said sifilis calendar and I was like… what?? Pretty coolio!


Generous of you to post this, thank you

Thank you for posting

Thanks for this one.

I did make a modification to the wheel & the number stick. I added an engrave for the back so I can have it on my desk and be able to read it from either the front of the desk or my side.


Please share photos!

Super Cool. Thanks!

Very cool! Thank you.

Your calendar is gorgeous, and I want to make one for my desk at work. Just so I understand how it goes together - are the blue lines scored, and used to align the pieces? Are the disks glued on? I’m thinking of trying to do something with them so that I can display the month as well as the day and day of the week. I just want to be sure I’m starting with an understanding of how it works before I burn (heh, heh) a lot of materials making it.


Yep, you got it! I added the square peg and disks to help with alignment and hiding the peg. The score lines will help too, I had a hard time lining things up before. You still have to be careful, with seven positions, only some of them are correct. I did add a bit of glue between the “oreo” to dry first and added more when I put them together. If you try to clamp it tight it won’t roll freely.

Check out the photos from the link. It might make more sense.

Also if you want another style try this one…

No months but still kinda of fun to play with each month.

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