Sizing aint right


I have a piece of wood (birch plywood .224in) 12x12. I set the GFUI image size to 12w x 12h, and the image is off the bottom of the wood piece by at least 3/4in. Why?

Have you used Set Focus so the :glowforge: knows its depth?
If yes, Set Focus sets the focus to the spot you clicked on, so unless you did it at the bottom the bottom would still look off…

OTOH, you are aware that the cut area is smaller than that, correct? Your max depends on which function you’re looking at (engrave uses more space than cut). You’ll never see the top ~1/2 or so, so if you can see the top of your piece that would also explain it.


Thank you.

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The camera shows the actual cut/engrave area, not the entire bed. The cut area is approximately 10.9" x 19.5". The area available for engraves is smaller than this.


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