SketchUp experiments

Just wanted to share some progress. I’ve been experimenting with using SketchUp in various ways, both to create designs and also find ways to use any 3D model as a graphic that could be cut out.

I’ve had pretty good success with both Free and Pro versions of SketchUp. There are some differences in what you can do, and I’m working on a video series to show how to use each, just wanted to give a teaser on using 3D models in this way. More to come… hopefully sooner than later.


Those are great! Reminds me of those 3d sketches that people are painting on sidewalks and bathroom floors, kinda fools the eye…

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those are really neat. i used to play around with SketchUp when i first ordered my machine you can make some neat stuff with it.

This is my first and only sketchup design
first sketchup project

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Oh, I hadn’t thought of them in that way, you could totally do a forced perspective look. Cool idea.

Only SketchUp design? Wow, for first and only, that’s a pretty killer project!

yeah only sketchup it was my relax project when i was in my last year of college :slight_smile: Thx for the kind words.

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Impressive work.

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