Skipped cuts, not completing cuts

Ive tried two different boards and its not completing the cuts

Often this happens if you get flames while you are cutting. There are many things that can cause that from the material, head fan, too slow cutting speed, or dirt on lenses; Watch while you are cutting and see where any flame appears,. Those will be cut not as deep as where there is no flame.

Thank you.
I did watch and no flames the laser would just go off then back on in the sections you can see.

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Is that the top? or the bottom? support will ask you to cut the “Gift of Good Measure” on draft board and post photos of the top and bottom, and note also the time that you did it.

They can look up the logs and see exactly what happened as the GOGM is their standard design to compare with. and not anything weird in the original design.

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Yes that is the top.
I hope they respond too

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If the laser turning off and on corresponds to those skips, I would strongly suspect the file. Specifically, if you have two circles superimposed on top of each other in the design, and one is just slightly offset from the other (like one pixel), I would expect something like what you see.

If you could zip the file and upload it here, one of us would be glad to check it for you.


Make sure your white cable isn’t coming loose.

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Hi I don’t think it’s the file either I use it quite often with no issues

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Having the same issue

Please make your own post to support so they can help you.

is this not my own post?

If you look at the picture of who she replied to, you’ll see that it was a different user.

Oooh oops ok I hadn’t seen that!

No one has responded :sob:

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I see that.

In the meantime, I suspect that support will ask you for photos of all of the optical components in the system. So it wouldn’t hurt to add photos to this thread of the lens, the mirror in the head, the left laser window on the head, and the window on the far left side of the gantry (under the left side of the machine).

Good to know I’ll do that thanks

Yes I did heather I am sorry I was looking to see other others were experiencing this issue around the same time I am and their are… To me something else is going on when my machine was working fine a few days / weeks ago…

Thank you for reaching out! I see you already emailed us about this and we’re working on it there, so I’m going to close this topic.