Spice Bottles Link and Settings

Hi All, I was asked to post a link to where I got my bottles and what settings I used for my spice bottle engraving. (Cute Spice Jars)

I use Amazon for most stuff, but its a little less expensive by the bottle at https://www.specialtybottle.com/.

My settings were 400/100%/270 using the thin film of liquid soap.

Image link: https://sjc3.discourse-cdn.com/business5/uploads/glowforge/optimized/3X/e/9/e94b3b490b4695df6def02bab1a322d45b7c3184_2_666x500.jpeg


Oh cool Specialty Bottle is in Seattle!!



Thanks for this!


Thanks for the shares! I have no need or time to etch bottles at this point in time, but I now I want to anyway.


Thank you I will really check out that bottle site.

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Love these! Thank you for the share.

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Did you have to do these without the crumb tray?

Yes, they are about 1 Âľ inches or so, and setting a material height of .25 seems to be just right.

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Awesome! Thank you for sharing the settings too. That’s why I love this community, everyone is so willing to help others

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i asked for these as wedding presents and one of my friends bought them for me. I’m a bit nervous on starting…but guess I need to start working on them. I am very excited to have them!

  1. How did you make sure you always “lined up”? Did you use snapmarks? I need to play with mine and see if I can get them to work (IOW go back & read directions again…did something wrong).
  2. I see your settings but do you have a Pro? I want to make sure I do these right…thanks so much for sharing!
  3. I haven’t ever taken out the honeycomb tray and engraved with it. Any tips?

Thank you!

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I do have a Pro, I didn’t use snapmarks, I did set the focus, but I basically eyeballed them. It took me probably an hour to be sure they were set. You can help that by being sure your bottles are perfectly aligned. You’ll get a feel for the alignment. I haven’t played with snapmarks, on my list of things to do. One thing on taking out the tray, I like to put a piece of copy paper back down to cover the shine, and it helps me to “see where I am” so to speak.

Good luck!


Hi Kathy, Thank you so much for the information and the tip about the paper! I’ll be sure to post pictures when I get mine going!

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I have started etching these bottles…did you feel you should put some kind of coating over the etching to protect it afterwards?

Hi, I never noticed a need for it personally. Let me know what you decide to do!

I am going to experiment on my experimental bottles (one just cracked) but the wedding wine glasses we had made didn’t appear to have a finish on them. I think cardstock under the thicker bottle is making it too tall. I cut out the acrylic ruler that measures when you don’t use the honeycomb and it says the thick bottle is just ever so slightly too tall. Going to grab some copy paper and see if that helps.

Husband thinks we have compromised the glass by engraving so that it might possibly flake some …so going to play with it and see how it works. Don’t think I saw anyone mentioning finishing any glass they engraved in this community.

Have someone at work that might be interested in some…I brought my first one in to show my boss and one of the guys in my department asked to see it.

Thanks for letting me know! I didn’t seem to have any of that issue. I’ll keep an eye on this thread to see your progress!