Spice Bottles Link and Settings

Hi All, I was asked to post a link to where I got my bottles and what settings I used for my spice bottle engraving. (Cute Spice Jars)

I use Amazon for most stuff, but its a little less expensive by the bottle at https://www.specialtybottle.com/.

My settings were 400/100%/270 using the thin film of liquid soap.

Image link: https://sjc1.discourse-cdn.com/business5/uploads/glowforge/optimized/3X/e/9/e94b3b490b4695df6def02bab1a322d45b7c3184_2_666x500.jpeg


Oh cool Specialty Bottle is in Seattle!!



Thanks for this!


Thanks for the shares! I have no need or time to etch bottles at this point in time, but I now I want to anyway.


Thank you I will really check out that bottle site.

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Love these! Thank you for the share.

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Did you have to do these without the crumb tray?

Yes, they are about 1 ¾ inches or so, and setting a material height of .25 seems to be just right.

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Awesome! Thank you for sharing the settings too. That’s why I love this community, everyone is so willing to help others