Slat wall hooks


Okay, I put up some slat wall some time ago and it was not long until I realized that this was one of the smartest things I had done in the lair. The problem was that I didn’t order enough hooks and then I realized that I was designing and making other things for the wall, why not simple hooks!

I designed the short ones first and then the long ones, both are very useful to me.

If you need other things to hang from your slat wall you can use the hook portion as a starting point for your project.

If I am cutting these from 1/8" scrap I usually laminate two or three together, 1/4" is fine as is.



If you see anything else up there you want, let me know and I’ll see if I can find it.



I love my slat wall! Hey, those red bins, do they hook directly to the grooves?
Great share Mark, Thanks!



Very nice share! The only thing missing is the kitchen sink :wink:



Nope, I get those at Lowes and they come with a mounting bar for screwing into a board, I adapt those mount bars with an L hook to do that.



That is to the right of the frame. :roll_eyes:



Ooooh! That’s so organized I’m starting to feel shame. (Great looking setup!) :smile:



I have bins that hook right in. A whole wall in the back of the shop has them. Want me to dig up where I got them?

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You crack me up. I’m a pig and try to have way too much going in one little room so constantly trying to organize is my only defense! If I live to retirement I am going to spend 25% of all my time organizing until it is actually organized! :crazy_face:



Hey, at least you keep it contained to one room…it’s starting to creep out now into the living areas.

(In my next house, the huge living room will be the office/maker space, and the office area will be a small sitting room for welcoming guests.) :smile:

This is just bass-ackwards.



I like the way you think!



No slat wall currently … but, these look great! Love anything to help with the organization. It’s a constant battle.

I’m with @Jules … more space, more space, more space!



Love these practical projects!



Thank you for sharing.

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Damn cool idea.

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I would like to know, thanks Curt! Surprised I didn’t notice them in my two visits.

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there was a lot to look at. :wink:

I’ll see what a can find.

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Love it! Don’t buy hooks, make them!!

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Don’t do it! Every time I organize I can’t find anything! My solution is to throw piles of stuff into the air once in awhile to find stuff I thought I’d lost.
Very important note* If you decide to try organize using the Andrea Method, it only works if you shout “Yippee!!!” three times and giggle like you’ve gone mad. It’s fun but also keeps anyone out of your disorganized organized mess. Good luck.

Seriously though, thank you so much for sharing your idea. I do 15 different crafts, all with their own bits and pieces and tools. Your method combined with mine will make for fun crafting.



I tend to use the archaeological method try and remember where it was and dig down till you get to stuff that you know came from an earlier time. the tricky part is putting ut back in the right order.



I’m just going to buy a warehouse with an office for my cot… :sunglasses: