Slicer for Laser Printer

I decided to join a makerspace near me recently (I just got so impatient!) And I would love to get started on some 3d projects in cardboard – it sounds like the Glowforge will have some built-in software for converting stl into printable files. But in the meantime, does anybody know of a slicer that takes 3d files and outputs printable outlines?


123 Make works. There are several topics that discuss slicing strategies and programs.


We aren’t planning a slicer - we use and recommend 123D make!

EDIT: I just realized I should clarify something. A ‘slicer’ is absolutely required software for a 3D printer. For a laser, it’s not required or even useful for most projects, but is helpful for a few types of projects where you’re trying to represent a CAD model with stacked pieces of material or similar.


I love when the answer to my question is, “here’s a thing that already exists. Have fun!”

MAN do I love living in an age of innovation.


I like it the other way too. Lots of things I’ve imagined that don’t exist but could. Just don’t know how to scare up funding to make them without losing control over the IP. I could raise 20M for a commercial software project but can’t find a way to do 100K for a consumer hardware/software product for an iphone :slight_smile: I know VC people in the former arena but don’t know anyone in the latter.

Oh well. Just a few more years to retirement and time for me to work on my projects instead of someone else’s.


Haha, yup! Like that laser cutter or 3d printer you can swap the heads out of.

That one does exist :smiley: Someone did a kickstarter a while back. One of the guys who works for me got one. One head is a 3D extrusion set and one is a CNC cutting head. I think they’re coming out with an LED laser head.

There are a couple that have come out recently. There’s that one that had a horrible outcome where the CEO ran off with all the Kickstarter money, and MakerArm, Laser Bot, Boxzy, etc. This link has several of them:

When I first started laser shopping 3 years ago, there wasn’t one outside of building your own RepRap. …I still have my kit lying around. :sweat_smile:

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I’ve never found the multi-purpose machines worth the savings in space (except my Shopsmith). I’m sticking with purpose built machine like GF - they’re better able to create new innovations.

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You probably don’t have to take your machine with you on the road, either, eh? :wink:

Nope :wink: Although the GF looks like it might be perfect for road shows. @takitus (I think) was creating a travel trolley for the GF based on an ambulance or undertaker stretcher.

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