Slow Preparing time

Is anyone else experiencing slow preparing print times today? I have cleaned, restarted router, modem, computer, browser and machine. im trying to print custom ear savers and it is taking forever to prepare the print?

No issue here.

The full sheet of earsavers took just under a minute from pressing “print” to “magic time”. The first ~30 seconds are “preparing” then “autofocus” before “calculating precision movement”…

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yes, ive printed these many times. i added my kids school logo on them today as i plan on making enough for the entire school district. i printed on a 3/4 pine board prior with the same issue, but it did eventually prepare. ive been waiting over an hour for these to prepare with shutting down and restarting twice in between now

Try a different browser?

i think it may have been the file? i changed the file and it seemed to work ill have to print it later though because i dont have time now to do it

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That can happen, glad you figured it out.

I can see that you’ve also contacted support via email, and that we’ve reached out to you there about the file. I’m going to go ahead and close this topic to avoid any confusion or duplicate communication.