Slow Servers

I would like to make a suggestion for GlowForge. If you are going to hold people hostage so that they have to go through your website to run the machine, then you need to put servers in place to handle the volume in a timely manner. I have spent upwards of an hour manipulating something that should have taken no more than 10 minutes. I spent good money standing up a small veteran owned business and this machine is a BIG part of that… time is money. Fix this or I am going to look at other platforms.



Heh. If the Google Cloud isn’t powerful enough, we’re all in trouble.

When it gets laggy, try clearing your cache and restarting your browser. That always fixes it for me.


I will give it the old college try… VERY frustrating!

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It reminds me of the ERP systems in the medical field like Greenway. You spend HOURS doing 20 min worth of work.

For future reference, here’s where you can check the status of everything:

If nothing is amiss with the Google Cloud et. al. then you can probably assume it’s time for some client-side cleanup, or your file might have a bazillion unnecessary nodes, which is another thing that will definitely slow things down. :slight_smile: (Also, if you live in the sticks and have a crappy Internet connection like we do, and your kids are visiting and are all streaming things at once while the grandchildren play Minecraft, you might as well just give up and go read a book.)

For the record, I’ve had my 'forge for over 2 years now and use it almost daily. I have only seen 3 (brief) outages, all of them on Google’s end. (There may have been Glowforge service issues here and there, but if so, they happened when I was doing something else.)


I was having this exact problem last night. Cleared the cache, reset the router, etc. but still couldn’t get the pdf to import so I just gave up for the night. Lol.

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unacceptable. glowforge needs to step it up. i bought this system because of the ease in which i could operate it. what i am finding is that it constantly has to be manipulated, cleaned, etc. glowforge, you need to fix this asap.

i went to that system status site and it says everything is good to go. I have cleared my cache, reload the browser… still slow as molasses. i am in DFW and I have fiber optics with the highest possible in/out available. i also have a brand new $2k computer with high-end graphics software. so…

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Is it happening on one file or multiple files?

If you want to post the file you are having trouble with, someone else can try to load it or see if there is something in the file holding things up.

The UI performance is dictated solely on your local machine, it has nothing to do with the cloud once the design is loaded.

You can turn off your internet connection and the UI functions exactly the same (except changes are not saved until the connection is restored.) Obviously you can’t print until the connection is restored as well.

If your UI is slow, it’s your machine.

it happens on everything really. constant lag. when i select something and drag it, i literally have to wait 30 sec for it to make that move. i thought originally it was my laptop, so i bought a high-end desktop designed for graphics, then i thought maybe it was my internet… but it is their server. They just need to beef up their servers to handle the graphics and volume. Period.

it’s not my machine. I have a top of the line machine… seriously, this thing is a custom built specifically for gaming and graphics, liquid cooled, built in a glass box with flippin LED’s… lol.

They have adequate servers, I promise. :slightly_smiling_face:

If you have a really complex file though, your browser might struggle with it. What browser are you using?


Okay, that’s usually a good one. Did you try the nuclear option of rebooting your router, computer and the machine?

What can happen is…sometimes if a signal is dropped during instructions transfer, it can lock things up and slow things down. Doing that and clearing the cache should clear the decks.

(And it’s not something that you will have to continue to do…just give it a try if you see things lock up and get laggy. )

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Sorry, but you’re simply wrong wrong. The UI is a local application.

Having a “powerful machine” doesn’t mean there isn’t an issue on your side.

Unless you care to explain how the UI functions just fine on a machine without an internet connection.


what exactly is a IU? I know what a UTI is and it doesn’t have that…

so i watched that video - and you see how quickly you are moving that butterfly around… mine is the opposite of that. it lags… bigtime. how do i fix that?

Especially when many of us are working fine at the same time. It’s local or network - anything from the machine to the Google border routers - none of which anybody controls that is accountable unless you’ve got managed circuits.

I’m printing a sheet of earsavers every 20 minutes. Non-stop except for loading & unloading. No issues for weeks. If the Google cloud was having performance issues I’d have seen it (as would lots of others who are doing similar things).


ehh, i am not convinced. do you know how many EMR systems are out there that say the same thing; yet we spend HOURS upon hours clicking and waiting…