Slow Servers

so i watched that video - and you see how quickly you are moving that butterfly around… mine is the opposite of that. it lags… bigtime. how do i fix that?

Especially when many of us are working fine at the same time. It’s local or network - anything from the machine to the Google border routers - none of which anybody controls that is accountable unless you’ve got managed circuits.

I’m printing a sheet of earsavers every 20 minutes. Non-stop except for loading & unloading. No issues for weeks. If the Google cloud was having performance issues I’d have seen it (as would lots of others who are doing similar things).


ehh, i am not convinced. do you know how many EMR systems are out there that say the same thing; yet we spend HOURS upon hours clicking and waiting…

meant EMR…

if one were to print the same thing over and over you are not going to run into that issue. I just did 12 runs of dominos and it was fine. loaded earsavers and it locked up.

I can’t tell you how to fix it if the advice from others (cache and cookies) doesn’t work, but in those instances, support asks for your browser details and will work with you directly, i.e. GFUI - designs take forever to load and then laggy

I’m on a 7-yr-old laptop, fwiw. Using Chrome on Mac.

Not trying to rub your nose in it - it’s just that the problem isn’t in the cloud, and you’re not going to move forward to resolution insisting that it is.

… and thank you for your service! :medal_military:



maybe i give that a go.

Beyond the fact that makes no sense (it’s not like the cloud servers are caching my design and quickly reprocessing it or that Comcast is keeping a channel open between me & the Google cloud) I’m not just doing the same thing. Some are 12x19 full sheets, others are sets of 12x5s from the cutoffs of the 24" sheets I start with, some are cutting off that 5" from the qtr sheets of acrylic I have, some are where I’m overlaying & positioning engraves for custom requests.

If you’re convinced it’s not local, then there’s nothing anyone here is going to be able to do for you until Support checks your logs.

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:laughing: Dude, it’s a LASER. It has to have clean optics in order to work properly, and burning holes in stuff makes smoke, which has to be cleaned off the optics. If you don’t want to have to clean it, then stick to engraving tile.

If It’s still running slow after cleaning up the client side Web stuff, then it’s your file. As others have said, post the file and we’ll help you figure it out.

As I noted above, they’re using Google Cloud servers. You don’t get much “beefier” than that. Period.



UI = User Interface. In this case, it runs entirely within your browser, so that’s where we have to look for the problem.

Maybe it has a UTI and is delirious. :wink:


I have the exact same problem. Moving around one item is not too bad, trying to replicate so I can cut them out filling a sheet - nearly impossible. I can’t even get to 1/2 a sheet at this point and it is taking 45+ minutes just to “render”. I have to remember to delete duplicates before it saves or there is this stupid wait before I can even get a screen to do something

Waited 20 minutes before I could even place and move 1 copy.

Mine is traced back to the generation of my models. Even simple circles have thousands of separate segment. Right now it takes 45+ minutes to “render” my design.
Everything works great with cuts I generate in inkscape, but the DXF files from OpenScad are murder. For me it is not a browser, pc or internet issue, definitely on the glowforge side. If they would just handle 100K line segments per object…

Do your multiplying and arranging before you upload. Your design program will be more efficient at that. If you’re doing multiple engraves, rasterize them into one big engrave, and it will speed up your work considerably.


This is satire, right? :wink: Because surely that’s not how you design your files!


Well mine worked like a charm yesterday and now I can’t even load any image.

one thing that is happening is that there are more people at home which means the internet pipes are slogging tons of streaming data out to the masses. you could have some constraints in your neighborhood.

we rented a house a couple of years ago down in kissimmee florida. you could always tell when people started getting home from the parks in the evening. Netflix started bogging down. i even had a game start to get laggy. which never usualliy happend.

Can’t do any or the latest one you are trying is not working?

Every time i load any image it just says rendering, if i refresh, the image will show up, but if i try to make any changes, it loads forever. Example, if i use create new outline, it will staying loading forever it will never create one.

I thought it was chrome, but its repeating itself on explorer and edge browser

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might want to open your own P&S topic if it is still happening and the suggestions from above did not help you out. What file size are the images? and format?

Its literally happening on every browser, even Brave Browser.
10 Mb PNG