Small art piece for my wife's birthday


Every year, I make my wife a small painting (8"x8") for her birthday. Her b-day was last week. I try and make the theme of the painting something that has happened in the past year.

Since this year, I received my GF, I decided to use the GF to make the artwork instead of painting it.

For the first time every, this year, my entire family is doing Karate (the older boys have been doing it for a while, but this is the first time all 6 of us are in the same class at the same time). So I made the artwork karate-themed.

This is 8 layers of Baltic Birch. Some of it is stained. On top of the Birch, there are veneers for all the clothes and hair. The veneers are from different sources. Some of it is proofgrade (the light pieces). Some of it is not (the colored pieces).

You can see the layers a little better in this shot:

I think it turned out nicely, and my wife seems pleased with it.


Awesome! :grinning:


Wow wow wow! I love it! Major husband points for awesomeness!


Just fantastic!


This is wonderful! You are really an amazing artist. I’ve been loving to follow everything you make. This piece is no exception.


Great layering and crisp design really pops! You must be super stoked with it. Fantastic :+1:


Beautiful design!

I now have this song running through my head, though…


I have to come up with a name it. That would be an appropriate name: “Everybody was Kung-Fu fighting”. Better than my original plan: “Good vs Evil”.


Quite well done.


I’m sure she was wowed! You did such an excellent job!


Oh wow! You do the coolest art! I’ll bet your gallery wall is like a museum.


Wonderful design and so thoughtful.


Great job of layering


Yeh, loving those layers. Great work :smiley:


Exceptional! Love the design, only problem is now I can’t get the song out of my head… :notes: :facepunch: