Small fire belt replacement

Hi there! I had a fire on my glowforge for the first time and was in a panic! I did read some forums on here on what to do…I had checked and cleaned everything but was wondering if I needed to replace this item pictured (not sure what it’s called lol)I already ordered a belt. Please help ty!

The fan is heat damaged, so it needs to be replaced as well. The most common replacement parts required after a ‘small fire’ are the belt, air assist fan, and wheels, so you need to inspect the wheels very carefully, to make sure that they aren’t in need of replacement as well.

The air assist fan has not been available from Glowforge separately, that may have changed recently as they’ve added more parts to the store, but you’ll have to contact support to confirm.

Support typically advises replacement of the entire carriage plate assembly when the air assist fan or rear wheels have been damaged, at a cost of $150.00, but I can sell you a replacement fan separately for $40.00 plus shipping.

Inspect everything closely, you may find it advantageous to order a complete carriage plate assembly (I typically recommend doing so as part of a recovery/maintenance kit).


Tysm for the info appreciate it

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