Small fire burned back of the laser arm belt! Help!

I had a small fire in the glowforge from the masking tape and part of the belt that moves the laser from side to side was burned and is fraying really bad at the back . Front is still ok ! I am in Canada where can I get one to replace this ? I’ve had my pro only 6 days.
I’ve cleaned the whole machine and taken out the air assist fan and cleaned it as well as all the lenses and mirror .

You’ve opened a support ticket by posting here. If this happened while cutting Proofgrade materials using default settings, they will take care of getting a replacement to you, likely by closing this discussion and working via email as they will need to confirm personal details.

You can contact @yoyodyne2112 he stated in an earlier post he can cut to to order or you can buy in bulk.

I would talk to support first to ensure there isn’t any warranty issue by getting them from him…

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I would hope one thing your parents taught was that if you have nothing nice to say don’t say it. No one forced you or anyone else to purchase your GF, you made that decision all on your own.


Yes I made a purchase for a working unit. Not one that died 2weeks in May 2020 and now new one has cutting issues, coolaint issues, fan issues and wiring issues. It’s a lemon like everyone else’s. I made a decision to buy a working unit… not two lemon machines :lemon: :man_shrugging: Think about it.
I could understand one machine in my hands dying. But two?? Lol My mom said to speak your mind and to protect others from buying into your own mistakes. :slight_smile: .

There is a time and place for your whining and this is not the place…


I see you already emailed us about this and we’re working on it there, so I’m going to close this topic.