Small is good

I was teaching a robotics workshop, and the arduino clone that came with the kit has some extra headers for attaching jumper wires (good), but the headers aren’t numbered according to what microcontroller pin they connect to (bad). So I took about an hour (including a bunch of prints that weren’t quite the right size) and made up these little dongles that fit over some unused other headers. My students were thrilled…


And here it is in place.

I probably should have used Hershey text, because most of the time for making it was the engraves…


CHEATER! What’s the point if you don’t have to figure out what end is 1 and count, preferably with a pick. And then lose your spot.

There is a connector on the last PCB we did where the header and the connector (same manufacturer) has pin 1 on opposite ends: so when connected properly pin 1 on the header goes to pin 12 on the connector. The layout guy didn’t catch it and so they’re assembled backwards.


Build a better mousetrap…brilliant! :sunglasses::+1:


Several of my students spent about an hour each wondering why things didn’t work when they assumed that the first pin was ‘1’ :neutral_face:


Perfect for Practical cuts!

Really nice simple solution.


Yeah got to speak Computer Geek and always start counting at Zero.

I have found that the closer you get to the nerdy guys dreaming these things up, the more often this happens.
Once a PR or Sales individual gets hold of it, the first spot joins the real world and becomes ONE again.

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What a wonderful, practical solution! I love seeing these things.

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Awesome solution. What lucky students!

Aww. Of course, being middle schoolers they just attached the pieces to their boards and didn’t blink.